6cyclemind’s ‘I’ remake by Twenty-Nine Eleven released by Sony Music Philippines

Twenty-Nine Eleven

Twenty-Nine Eleven

Filipino pop-rock outfit Twenty-Nine Eleven has finally released its remake of the 6cyclemind song “I.” The song is off the upcoming online compilation called the “Sige I-Cover Mo Lang Project.”

“I” serves as the second single of the online compilation, which is released by Sony Music Philippines and produced by 6cyclemind and its management Soupstar Music. The aforementioned tribute record aims to introduce the band’s legacy as reliable hitmakers that continue to define an entire generation’s collective consciousness.

A captivating take

Twenty-Nine Eleven’s version of the alt-rock classic was handpicked as one of the three winners of the “Sige I-Cover Mo Lang Project.” It is an initiative that encouraged fans to submit covers of their favorite songs from 6cyclemind’s catalog.

The five-piece band’s captivating take stands out with its earnest simplicity and delicate arrangements, giving the song a refreshing spin while maintaining the original’s timelessness and emotional appeal. According to Twenty-Nine Eleven lead vocalist Fony Alfonso, “I” is already great on its own.

“However, in order to make it sound like us, we wanted to rearrange the song and add more of our personality to it,” Afonso continued. “As with all of the songs that we’ve done before, we experimented with it until we got the right ‘feel’ that we wanted to express as a band.”

An inspiration to young musicians

“After spending time with the members of 6cyclemind, we were able to understand that it wasn’t only their music style that made them successful but also their perseverance in pursuing their career and passion,” Twenty-Nine Eleven guitarist Alexandre Abesamis shared. “As they’ve told us back then, there were a lot of other better and more skilled bands than them, but what made them stand out is that they never stopped playing.”

Twenty-Nine Eleven considers 6cyclemind as one of their inspirations. Currently, the former is working on new material and experimenting with various sounds and techniques culled from their individual music influences.

“Ever since high school, we were subjected to various styles and genres of music from the most dramatic love songs to the heaviest rock songs,” Twenty-Nine Eleven drummer Jerell Co said. “That alone has developed the kind of music we could make now.”

Twenty-Nine Eleven’s rendition of “I” is now available on various music streaming and download platforms worldwide. Meanwhile, here is 2018 version of the song:

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