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BET Awards 2020 host Amanda Seales: Terry Crews couldn’t make it

“The Real” co-host Amanda Seales, 38, hosted the 20th Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards on June 28, 2020. In her monologue in the virtual event, she mentioned several African-American people including “America’s Got Talent” host Terry Crews, 51.

Crews is someone who believes that defeating white supremacy without white people will create black supremacy. Seales is someone who believes that black supremacy is not a thing.

“Terry Crews couldn’t make it,” Seales joked in her BET Awards 2020 monologue. “(I am) not surprised.”

The joke trended on Twitter. Here are some tweets about it:


The 2020 BET Awards marks the 40th anniversary of the network owned by the ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks unit of ViacomCBS. The ceremony opened with the “Fight the Power” performance of Keedron Bryant, 12.

In Seales’ monologue, she jokingly said she was chosen as the 2020 BET Awards host because she has been “telling y’all everybody’s racist.” She also talked about racism and the ongoing new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Now, I must admit, this BET Awards is a little different,” Seales said. “The main thing is it’s virtual. We’re getting real in touch with being real inside because outside is on one. It’s got COVID and cops and Karens gone wild.”

The virtual ceremony is taking place amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement. Seales said, “America is acting brand-new about racism like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was doing all the speeches for album interludes.”

“Now, they are talking about Juneteenth,” Seales continued. “That’s dope but y’all don’t let them Cinco de Mayo our day. If we ain’t watchful every June 19th, folks going to be at the bar wearing Frederick Douglass wig hats, ordering ‘Harriettinis’ off the drink special.”

Seales ended her monologue by saying that the cause of the BET Awards 2020 is not only to give accolades but also to celebrate the 40th anniversary of BET. She announced, “We’ve got Queen Latifah, Countess Vaughn and we can’t miss Nelly with his Band-Aid.”

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