Slovenia joins IMMAF; Zlatko Mahic is SMMAA president

Zlatko Mahic, Viktor Vasić, Mohammed Shahid, Luka Podkrajšek, Kirik Jenness (©BRAVE Combat Federation)

Zlatko Mahic, Viktor Vasić, Mohammed Shahid, Luka Podkrajšek, Kirik Jenness (©BRAVE CF)

The Slovenian Mixed Martial Arts Association has joined the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation. The SMMAA is the latest IMMAF member from Europe.

Hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia, World Freefight Challenge owner Zlatko Mahic is the president of the democratic SMMAA body. The association is underpinned by a vast base of member clubs and diverse leadership made up of individuals with key experience in event promotion, the medical sector, law and banking, sports training and as certified MMA officials.

“I’m delighted to take this step for Slovenian MMA in joining IMMAF,” Mahic stated. “This is an important step for the fast-growing hotbed of talent here in Slovenia. We are excited to prove ourselves on the international stage across IMMAF’s impressive array of tournaments and cannot wait to continue to expand our nation’s impact on the sport of mixed martial arts.”


Registered in the capital city of Ljubljana, the SMMAA aims to increase standards for the sport of MMA in line with the universal standards and technical programs of the IMMAF. The Slovenian association intends to:

  • promote MMA and grappling sports
  • train and educate in the spirit of MMA
  • train and promote sports and martial arts in the spirit of fair play
  • inform and raise awareness of self defense systems for the general public
  • encourage cooperation and membership within the association
  • encourage youth to join the sport
  • raise awareness of the positive effects of sport and recreation
  • establish national competition circuits
  • assist in event sanctioning and organizing
  • establish a capable national team for international IMMAF championships
  • take care of the quality preparation and safety of athletes
  • promote education and licencing of technical staff, medicals, coaches, athletes, officials, cutmen and cutwomen

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