Did Aaron David Robinson laugh at Vanessa Guillen’s sister at the Fort Hood military base?

Mayra Guillen is one of the five siblings of missing United States Army soldier Vanessa Guillen. According to Mayra, she had met and spoken to the late soldier Aaron David Robinson.

The encounter took place at the Fort Hood military base in Killeen, Texas, USA where Vanessa and Robinson were both stationed. When Mayra visited the base during the search for her missing sister, she met him and felt that there was something wrong about him.

From Texas, Vanessa’s family drove to Washington, D.C. to demand a congressional investigation into wrongdoing at the Fort Hood military base. Mayra and her family’s lawyer Natalie Kahwam spoke during a press conference there.

“When I first went up to that base, that subject, I met him, not knowing that he had something to do with it,” Mayra said of Robinson. “I felt something was telling me that he did something and I wasn’t wrong apparently and apparently now, he kills himself.”

“Why?” Mayra continued. “I don’t know but whoever is responsible has to pay and we demand a congressional investigation.”

Vanessa is a private first class whose military occupational specialty is listed as a 91F, small arms/artillery repairer. She has been stationed in the Fort Hood military base since early 2020 and was last seen alive on April 22, 2020.

Robinson was an active duty junior soldier. He was a person of interest in the disappearance of Vanessa.

On June 30, 2020, Robinson fled the Fort Hood military base. He was found walking in the 4700 block of East Rancier Avenue in Killeen, which is around 10 miles from Fort Hood.

Officers of the U.S. Marshals ServiceKilleen Police Department and the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force tried to approach Robinson, who then he turned a gun on himself and pulled the trigger. The active duty junior soldier was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Garland Potvin at 1:17 a.m. that day, according to Killeen Police Department News.

Three weeks before Vanessa went missing, she told her mother Gloria Guillen that one of her sergeants at the Fort Hood military base was sexually harassing her but did not mention his name. Robinson allegedly walked in on Vanessa while she was showering at the base and he sat down and watched her.

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  1. Good riddance to this loser, and pervert. The fact that he could kill someone so beautiful. We should celebrate that his life is no more


  2. Where are the parents of this ANIMAL?? Yes, there maybe shame, embarrassment, mixed emotions..However sometimes, we need to put ourselves aside..And even if it’s not excepted..To show some kind of SYMPATHY to the
    Guillen Family..

    As far as the military..Reading all these stories on #IAMVANESSAGUILLAN..why doesn’t the military go back investigate those assaults..Strip those at fault from their careers..WHAT’S RIGHT IS RIGHT and WHAT’S WRONG IS WRONG..the victims stay with the trauma, parents with the worry.


  3. No one should allow their daughters to go into the Military. You will get this, if you haven’t figured that out yet….

    The U.S. Military is controlled by our so called ” Military Leaders ” who are nothing more than Marxists Cucks who bow at the Alter of Political Correctness to get their Rank and Privilege.

    Women don’t belong in the Military when there is No War Requiring them.

    Her parents are at fault for allowing her into that situation.


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