Zambia joins IMMAF; Benjamin Bush is ZMMAA president


The Zambia Mixed Martial Arts Association made a new addition to the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation family from Africa. Representing the majority of practitioners in Zambia’s MMA community, the ZMMAA aims to expand their opportunities through the establishment of a national amateur league and coaches’ education and certification.

Serving as the ZMMAA president is Benjamin Bush. He brings significant experience in sport development through his extended work in sport management, athlete development and social projects that use martial arts to help the underprivileged.

This includes an ongoing program in Zambia’s capital city Lusaka using MMA as a vehicle for engaging youth in self-development to engender social change. Despite being a young federation, ZMMAA has set exceptional standards for the development of MMA and has achieved approval for the sport under the Zambia Martial Art Federation (ZAMAF), which sits under the National Sports Council of Zambia.


Membership to the ZMMAA concurs a wide range of benefits including access to seminars and clinics for technical training, refereeing and judging, cornering, event management, strength and conditioning, sports rehabilitation and sports psychology. The governing body provides judges, referees and sanctioning officials for competitions.

“I am proud that despite the challenges to sport posed by the epidemic in 2020, IMMAF continues to grow and to increase its global diversity,” IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said. “I have great confidence in President Bush as leader of the Zambia Mixed Martial Arts Federation, particularly in light of his social work through MMA, which expresses the core values of our sport and is a testimony to its capacity to engender peace and positive change.”

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