Meet BRAVE CF flyweights Jose Torres, Muhammad Mokaev, Marcel Adur, Sean Santella, Dustin Ortiz

Jose Torres (©BRAVE CF)

Jose Torres (©BRAVE CF)

One of the most exciting divisions of BRAVE Combat Federation is the flyweight weight class. Among the mixed martial artists signed in the Bahrain-based MMA promotion and competing in this division are Jose “Shorty” Torres, 27, Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella, 35, and Dustin Ortiz, 31, of the United States, Muhammad “The Punisher” Mokaev, 19, of Russia and England and Marcel Adur, 28, of Brazil.

Jose “Shorty” Torres

  • professional MMA record: 9 wins, 1 loss
  • BRAVE CF record: 1 win, 0 loss

“One of the first memories I have in life is when I was playing fighting with my father and brother in bed,” Torres recalled. “At age 4, I then joined Shotokan karate classes and never stopped since then”.

Torres got himself experienced in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and pankration, to name a few, building a comprehensive background for his MMA career. When he was young, he joined Combat-Do with Master Bob Schirmer in Illinois, USA.

A McKendree University alumnus, Torres holds a bachelor’s degree in leadership and exercise science. He said, “As a fighter, I know I’m unique because of my accomplishments and my pressure and counter fighting style.”

“I always want to put on a show and have fun,” Torres said. “I don’t fight for myself or the enjoyment of the sport. I do this for other people to make them happy, inspire and guide and teach them to accomplish their goals.”

This mindset was something that Torres brought to his life in all aspects. He explained, “I fight for two reasons.”

“I fight to live life and accomplish all of the goals both my late father and my brother wanted to achieve,” Torres continued. “I also fight to be a hero and an inspiration. To show people because we have or had a tough upbringing doesn’t mean you can’t succeed and accomplish your goals. I want to show people if this Shorty can do it, so can anyone else.”

Before joining BRAVE CF, Torres had two world titles at IMMAF amateur world championships and was a two-division champion of Titan FC. He shared, “I want to be a double champ again for the third time.”

“I did it twice in my career, once as an amateur and then right after becoming a pro athlete,” Torres continued. “Now I’m going for a three-peat and I want to accomplish it as soon as possible.”

“I want to be remembered for helping and inspiring as many people as I could,” Torres added. “I want to accomplish these goals as fast as possible so that I may build a resume and save enough money to open my own gym, expand my foundation Team Shorty Foundation and help many people not just in my community but all around the world so they can accomplish their goals too and learn that anyone can do it with the right direction.”


Muhammad “The Punisher” Mokaev

  • professional MMA record: 0 win, 0 loss
  • amateur MMA record: 23 wins, 0 loss
  • BRAVE CF record: 0 win, 0 loss

“I started from nothing”, Mokaev said. “I used to work, hop on a train or bus to a different city just to have some sort of training. I used to clean the mats in exchange of a gym membership because I couldn’t afford it.”

“For almost four years, that was my life,” the undefeated fighter continued. “(I would be having) long trips, reaching home at 11 to 12 p.m. and getting little to no sleep at all”.

Inspired by Michael Bisping, Mokaev who started with wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, decided to make a transition to MMA. His results inside and outside the gym, the same gyms he used to clean to be able to attend free classes, got him recognition and changed the course of his story.

“I started getting recognized by companies and they started supporting me,” Mokaev said. “Suddenly I was able to pay for my rent, food, and cover my training camps expenses. Life is definitely not as hard as it used to be but the hunger is exactly the same.”

“I’m a full-time professional fighter,” Mokaev continued. “I train twice or three times a day, I sleep well, I eat healthy and I’m able to travel around the world, meet new people and gather experience.”

Before signing with BRAVE CF, Mokaev became a two-time IMMAF World Champion. He shared, “The European championships and especially the World Championships in Bahrain are by far the most important moments I had so far but definitely not the last ones.”

“I do what I do for my family,” Mokaev continued. “I don’t want for them to go through the same kind of struggles that I had in my time. Also, I want to set up a charity foundation under my family name so my legacy will still be around when I’m gone but before all that I have to earn my spot among the best and to do so, I will become the Flyweight world champion at BRAVE CF.”


Marcel Adur 

  • professional MMA record: 15 wins, 5 losses
  • BRAVE CF record: 4 wins, 1 loss

Adur has been competing in BRAVE CF since 2017. He defeated three opponents in the promotion namely Ivan Lopez, Rodrigo Melonio, Fernando Laurenço and Marlon Derik.

“Hey, guys I’m very excited to be signing a new deal for BRAVE CF,” Adur announced. “I can’t wait to go back to action. (I want to) go back to fighting.”

“My goal remains that belt,” Adur continued. “It will be on my waist very, very soon.”


Sean Santella

  • professional MMA record: 23 wins, 7 losses, 1 draw, 1 No Contest
  • BRAVE CF record: 0 win, 1 loss

Santella has been competing professionally since 2008. He lost via unanimous decision to Velimurad Alkhasov, 29, of Russia in his BRAVE CF debut in 2018 at “BRAVE CF 14” in Tangier, Morocco.

Since then, Santella bounced back with three consecutive wins in the U.S. in 2019. He then got himself a spot in the international platforms by rejoining BRAVE CF, now in a multi-fight deal.


Dustin Ortiz

  • professional MMA record: 19 wins, 8 losses
  • BRAVE CF record: 0 win, 0 loss

Ortiz competed in the UFC from 2013 to 2019. He defeated Zach Makovsky in 2016 and Matheus Nicolau in 2019, who now compete in BRAVE CF at bantamweight and at flyweight, respectively.

Out of Ortiz’s 19 career victories, he has 12 wins by stoppage. Training out of Roufusport MMA Academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, he won seven fights by knockout or technical knockout and four by submission from 2010 to 2019.

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