India’s Arjan Bhullar: Brandon Vera has excellent Muay Thai

Arjan Bhullar

Arjan Bhullar

One of the strengths of Brandon “The Truth” Vera, 42, of the Philippines is his Muay Thai skills, according to his fellow ONE Championship athlete Arjan “Singh” Bhullar, 34, of India and Canada. The Filipino mixed martial arts veteran has been reigning as the ONE Heavyweight World Champion since December 11, 2015.

“He is well-rounded everywhere and has excellent Muay Thai,” Bhular said of Vera. “That has allowed him to finish every single heavyweight threat he has faced but none of those guys were named Arjan Singh Bhullar nor bring what I do to the circle.”

Both Vera and Bhullar previously competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship before moving to ONE Championship. The Indian-Canadian athlete is looking forward to challenging the Filipino MMA superstar for the ONE Heavyweight World Championship belt.

“His strengths are clear,” Bhullar said of Vera’s fighting skills. “He has a tremendous amount of experience and has seen all the different looks a fighter can see in the cage. He can fight out of both stances going forward and backward.”


Weighing in at over 240lbs., Bhullar is physically more imposing and much bigger than Vera. The Indian-Canadian fighter has an extensive wrestling background, which is in stark contrast to the Filipino MMA fighter who is rooted more in Muay Thai and striking disciplines.

As a wrestler, Bhullar represented Canada at the 2007 Pan American Games, the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the 2012 Summer Olympics and the World Championships in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Now, as a professional MMA fighter, he wants to keep winning and make his fellow Indians proud.

“I have an entire nation and people worldwide who are supporting my quest,” Bhullar said. “I have the skills that have proved problematic for Vera in his losses in the past. I have the strongest mindset to get this job done, which will carry me through the most extreme conditions.”

“I am a winner,” the Indian-Canadian ONE Championship athlete continued. “I am one billion strong.”


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