Todd Stoute vs Mohamed Said Maalem at ‘BRAVE CF 39’ for BRAVE CF light heavyweight belt?

Todd Stoute (©BRAVE CF)

Todd Stoute (©BRAVE CF)

Todd “The Black Hulk” Stoute, 36, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada made his BRAVE Combat Federation debut at “BRAVE CF 30.” His second bout in the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion was at “BRAVE CF 33” and he is set to return at “BRAVE CF 36.”

If this pattern continues, Stoute’s fourth BRAVE CF bout will be at “BRAVE CF 39.” It could be a good opportunity for him to fight for the promotion’s championship title in the light heavyweight division, which is currently vacant.

Currently, Stoute is in Romania for “BRAVE CF 36,” which will be held in partnership with Real Xtreme Fighting (RXF) on July 27, 2020. On July 25, I interviewed the Trinidadian-Canadian MMA fighter via Zoom app.

After knocking out Lukasz Parobeic, 40, of Poland at “BRAVE CF 30” in Hyderabad, India on November 23, 2019, Stoute lost via unanimous decision to Mohamed Said Maalem, 37, of Geneva, Switzerland at “BRAVE CF 33” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on December 27, 2019. I asked Stoute about what he learned from his loss to Maalem.

“I learned from that bout to trust the people that I work with and to not rush into fights when I’m not 100 percent,” Stoute told me. “Once again, there are no excuses. I was very much injured and the reason I wanted to compete so badly was because, you know, this organization put so much into me and they got me the fight before I even left the airport in India so I was so excited for it and a week before I was supposed to come out, I got an injury (but) I didn’t say anything.”

“You know, there’s a point where fighters have to understand that you have to treat your body right,” Stoute continued. “You have to think about your, you have to weigh the risks of your game and I think the biggest lesson I learned from that was make sure that I treat my body right.”

On the other hand, Stoute clarified that BRAVE CF never forced him to fight and he was the one who forced himself to fight. He said, “They could’ve said, ‘Hey, no problem, postpone it’ and everything but I tried to rush it and that’s one of the things that I learned.”

Losing to Maalem downgraded Stoute’s professional MMA record to 10 wins and 6 losses. The Toronto resident looks forward to improving that by winning at “BRAVE CF 36,” which will take place at Berăria H in Bucharest, Romania.

Originally, Stoute was set to fight Amilcar Alves, 40, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the light heavyweight division in the main event of “BRAVE CF 36.” However, the Brazilian MMA fighter was replaced by Cristi Constantinov, 23, of Bucharest, who will now fight the Canadian contender at a catch weight of 104kg.


“It’s gonna be really hard for him to win,” Stoute said of Constantinov, a kickboxer who is set to make his BRAVE CF debut and professional MMA debut. “I’m a seasoned vet. I’m strong as hell. I’m healthy and this is my world. This is my realm and when he comes in there, he’s gonna have to deal with that.”

If Stoute wins at “BRAVE CF 36,” I believe he deserves to compete for the BRAVE CF Light Heavyweight World Championship belt, which the inaugural champion Klidson “White Bear” Abreu, 27, of Curitiba, Parana, Brazil vacated on July 5, 2018. If that happens, Stoute wants to do it through a rematch with Maalem.

“I wanna fight Mohammed again,” Stoute told me. “I wanna fight him again. That was, you know, hats off to him, he did his job, did what he was supposed to do but as hurt as I was, he should’ve finished me. He didn’t.”

Maalem made his BRAVE CF debut at “BRAVE CF 33.” He currently has 9 wins and 2 losses.

“I’m coming for you,” Stoute said referring to Maalem. “You’re not getting out of this.”

“That’s what I want,” Stoute continued. “I want a rematch with him. I mean, the fight with Amilcar, I still want that to happen, as well, I mean, at the end of the day, that’s who I want. If you’re asking me.”

The rematch between Maalem and Stoute is likely to happen if the latter beats Constantinov at “BRAVE CF 36.” If Stoute’s stars align and he does become the new BRAVE CF Light Heavyweight World Champion, he vows to keep defending his belt.

“I don’t wanna be one of those paper champions,” Stoute told me. “I wanna be an active champion.”

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