Barbie Almalbis releases ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ via Sony Music Philippines, partners with Magnolia Dari Creme

Barbie Almalbis (©Chealsy Dale)

Barbie Almalbis (©Chealsy Dale)

Barbie Almalbis released “Umagang Kay Ganda,” the third single of her upcoming new album under Sony Music Philippines, on July 30, 2020. With the new song, the singer-songwriter is paying tribute to the courage and optimism of the Filipino people.

“The current situation has made so many of us experience such a profound sense of loss and it has also given us a rare chance to stop and reassess our lives and consider the things that we really value,” Almalbis shared. “I hope ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ will be a blessing especially to our frontliners. It is our little way to say thank you for the selflessness that they have continually shown and the sacrifices that they have made to help us get through this together.”


With the help of constant collaborators, Almalbis and her bandmates put a creative stamp in reimagining “Umagang Kay Ganda” while making sure that its empowering message shines through the intricate arrangement. The output was a new version that conveys the timeless appeal of the original one while exuding a warmer approach in terms of production details.

“Karel and I initially jammed it and he wrote lines for the instrumental section then we arranged the rest with Nikko on keyboard and Jonard on drums,” Almalbis shared. “We were able to record the rhythm section just a few weeks before the lockdown.”


The official release of “Umagang Kay Ganda” comes with an accompanying music video that brings to light everyday stories of hope and love for the country amidst the global health crisis. Interspersed with scenes of the new normal, the visuals for the song also showcase the heroic deeds of the frontliners and several acts of compassion and resilience from ordinary Filipino folks.

“Although some people consider music and visual arts as non-essentials these days, I’ve found that many are actually turning to the arts as a way of coping and feeling connected to others,” Almalbis explained. “We want to remind people of the real hope that we have and can hold on to even as we confront the invisible enemy on a day to day basis. We’ll be able to stand above difficult situations and hurdle these atrocities with the gift of love and compassion.”

The “Umagang Kay Ganda” music video is part of Magnolia Dari Creme’s campaign reminding people that in extraordinary times as in the normal times, tomorrow always brings new chances for a brighter day. Watch it here:

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