Marquise Love surrenders; Adam Haner attacker booked into Multnomah County jail in Oregon

Marquise Love

Marquise Love

Marquise “Keese” Lee Love, 25, of Portland, Oregon, United States turned himself in the morning of August 21, 2020. He is facing three felony charges namely second-degree assault, coercion and riot.

Love was into the Multnomah County Detention Center in Oregon at 8:37 a.m. that day. His bail was set at $250,000 for second-degree assault, $5,000 for coercion and $5,000 for riot.

“I am pleased the suspect in this case turned himself in and appreciate all of the efforts to facilitate this safe resolution,” Fox News quoted Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell as saying. “Thank you to all of the members of the public who have provided information and tips to our investigators. Your assistance is very much appreciated.”


In the evening of on August 16, 2020, Love was caught on tape violently attacking his fellow Portland resident Adam T. Haner, 39. The assault took place at the intersection of Southwest Taylor Street and Broadway a couple blocks from the Multnomah County Justice Center in Portland.

That night, Love and his fellow Black Lives Matter rioters were robbing a white man. When a transgender woman tried to intervene, they stole her backpack and skateboard and assaulted her, as well.

Haner and his girlfriend Tammie Martin were in their pickup truck parked outside a 7-Eleven store nearby and witnessed how the rioters attacked the transgender woman. He approached the rioters and asked them to return the to the woman her belongings.

But the rioters did not listen to Haner. Instead, they also attacked him and another white woman who tried to intervene.

When Haner tried to flee by driving off, the rioters tried to open his door. The vehicle crashed into a tree and the rioters dragged him out of it and assaulted him while he was helpless on the ground.

“I ain’t trying to hurt no one,” Haner told the rioters who were surrounding him. Love asked him, “What the f**k is you talking about, n****r?”

Love hit Haner repeatedly on the face, backed off then quickly returned and kicked the latter on the forehead, which left the victim unconscious. The victim suffered broken ribs and bruising.

On August 17, 2020, Haner was released from the hospital. He told Fox 12, “Getting a drink at a 7-Eleven in Portland, Oregon is a different story than it was two months ago.”

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