Barbados joins IMMAF; Paul Forte is BMMAF president


The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is pleased to announce that the Barbados Mixed Martial Arts Federation has been granted Observational Membership to the international MMA governing body. Paul Forte stands as the BMMAF president with the support from its director Rollins Alleyne.

Forte was integral to the establishment of the BMMAF in 2013 with his background as a training consultant. On the other hand, Alleyne is a widely recognized figure in the Caribbean for his contributions to the development of combat sports.

“Having been accepted as a member of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, the Barbados Mixed Martial Arts Federation can only express gratitude for its membership which now affords us the opportunity of attaining international and official recognition,” the BMMAF said in a statement. “Our membership with IMMAF has been accepted as the staircase to global excellence, growth and participation.”

“We are proud to be a member of this institution that has given life, sustenance and stability to mixed martial arts all over the world,” the statement continued. “We are even more grateful to the administration and team at IMMAF for extending its hand to the BMMAF.”


“We have been impressed by the calibre of individuals driving the Barbados MMA Federation by its work so far and its collaborative partnerships and associations,” IMMAF president Kerrith Brown commented. “Through adopting unified international standards and IMMAF’s technical support, the BMMAF has the potential to evolve into a world class organisation. MMA’s traction and development is growing in the Caribbean and we look forward to seeing the impact of this growth on the wider development of the amateur sport and IMMAF competitions in Pan America.”

There has been long standing awareness among Caribbean nations for the need to develop the sport of MMA and Barbados has been no different. Based in the capital city of Bridgetown, the BMMAF was established to promote and develop amateur and recreational or non-professional MMA in the country as part of a collective drive among the Caribbean islands.

The Bajan federation enjoys a cooperative association with national organizations for grappling, full contact kickboxing and beach wrestling. With strong foundations in place, the national governing body is in the process of pursuing government recognition and has sourced partnerships with supporting organizations and institutions within combat sport, education and media.

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