JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc aims to help save Philippine economy amid COVID-19 pandemic

JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc.

Companies in the construction, mining and manufacturing sectors depend on the expertise of logistics providers to help transport large, complex, high-value pieces of equipment or project cargo that will be used for their plans. In the Philippines, one of the leading logistics providers is JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc.

“Every single detail in a project is critical to its success no matter how big or small,” JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc. chairman Jay Marzan stated. “Our country will need the help of every industry to regain what it lost in the past months and it starts with the resumption of these projects.”

“The goal now is to build strong foundations to prevent the damages in our economy from ever happening again,” Marzan continued. “We can only achieve that if we help each thrive through these challenges and continue the country’s progress.”


JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc. shows itself as the perfect partner to meet the challenges of the globalized market and help the Philippines’ economy grow. The company plans for new ways to provide mobility for high-value, heavy, critical cargo amid the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, believing that partnerships will help build the nation into a brighter future and with its services to tirelessly provide logistics, it is prepared with the best equipment to help the country.

The company started in 1972 as RV Marzan Brokerage and used to handle customs brokerage and deliveries around Luzon and since then, it started the separate logistics company and has established itself as a reputable logistics company consistent with the best business practices. It has expanded its services and catered to the needs of companies across the Philippines.

Among JP Marzan Ventures, Inc.’s services include heavy-lift support, trucking, forwarding, logistics, domestic distribution, warehousing, rigging works, plant transfer, factory machine installation, powerplant assembly, project consultation, equipment rental, civil engineering and trading of industrial equipment and services. To know more about the company, visit its website at

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