Maggie Wilson to host GoDaddy reality show ‘Project GO’ on AXN

'Project Go'

Maggie Wilson-Consunji will host “Project GO.” The five-episode reality mini-series is produced by GoDaddy, the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, in collaboration with AXN, the globally known general entertainment channel owned by KC Global Media Asia.

“Project GO” is designed for Filipino entrepreneurs and innovators to compete for a chance to win 1 million pesos in prize money to help grow their entrepreneurial business. It will feature up-and-coming Filipino entrepreneurs who will showcase innovative ideas.

As the entrepreneur behind Acasa Manila, formerly named Casa Consunji, Wilson knows the challenges of being an entrepreneur well, especially now that the pandemic has impacted businesses worldwide. However, these challenge times did not deter her from staying afloat as she successfully pivoted her business, expanded her offerings and is committed to growing her business in the future.

“I tapped into my creativity to keep my business going,” Wilson said. “I ventured into producing videos, widening my range of offerings and have been more collaborative in nature, while strengthening my presence online with the help of GoDaddy.”


The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has pushed Wilson to innovate in dealing with her clients. She believes that “Project GO” can help inspire entrepreneurs like her.

“By watching the show and listening to the contestant stories, we hope it can strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit, equip you with resources, enhance your creativity and help to transform you into entrepreneurs of today,” Wilson explained. “I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to be working with GoDaddy again and I’m also excited to hear the business ideas that will be highlighted on the show.”

With 20 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy is the place people come to solidify their idea with online presence, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work. Itss sponsorship is designed to extend support and assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners as they work to keep their businesses active with the current economic challenges caused by the pandemic.

“GoDaddy empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to life and reach more customers with a strong online presence,” GoDaddy Asia marketing director Tina Shieh stated. “With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting economies and lives around the world, we hope to inspire Filipino entrepreneurs through ‘Project GO’ to follow their dreams, and to continue moving forward and jumpstart their businesses.”

GoDaddy is committed to continue supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Philippines with the online tools and expertise they need to transform their business ideas into successful ventures. In addition to “Project GO,” it offers information to help create and manage their business online with tools and expert guidance available on its website, which has resources that provide useful tips and business guides to help a business succeed online.

Auditions were open from August 7, 2020 to September 2, 2020 with people from universities, institutions and small and mid-size enterprises all responding to the challenge, sharing stories of how they translated their innovative and creative ideas into tangible ventures and the pilot episode will premiere in November 2020 on AXN. For more information on the upcoming show, visit its official website

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