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Sarah La Morena biography: 13 things about Afro-Latino singer from Zacatecas, Mexico

Sarah Palafox is an African-American singer. She is known for singing Mexican music.

In Mexico, they had music on all the time,” Palafox told BuzzFeed in September 2020. “Going to the store there was music, walking around outside there was music, and in church is where I actually started singing. Once I became super comfortable with who I was, I ventured out and started singing Mexican music.”

As an artist, Palafox goes by the name Sarah La Morena. Here are 13 more things about her:

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  1. She was born in Southern California, United States. She was born addicted to drugs.
  2. When she was a baby, authorities took her away from her biological African-American mother. She entered the foster care system.
  3. She was adopted by Mexican couple Fidel Palafox and Patricia Palafox. Her adoptive parents, who are devout Christians, raised her in Zacatecas, Mexico with her three adoptive sisters and two adoptive brothers. It was in church in the Mexican state where she started singing.
  4. As a young girl in Zacatecas, she helped her adoptive father on her adoptive grandparents’ ranch in La Blanca, Zacatecas where they tended to cows, goats and pigs.
  5. She was 9 years old when she and her adoptive family moved from Zacatecas to California in 2006. Patricia did not know what to do with her hair at the time so she shaved it all off. When she attended school in California, an African-American mother of another student helped Patricia braid and style her hair.
  6. In the U.S., she was bullied both for being black and for being Mexican. In 2018, she suffered from depression and survived a suicide attempt.
  7. In 2019, she released the songs “Tristes Recuerdos” and “Renunciacion.”
  8. In February 2020, she released her single “Hasta La Miel Amarga.”
  9. In August 2020, she took to Instagram to share a video of herself singing “Que Me Vas A Dar” by Jenni Rivera while holding an iPhone and standing in front of mariachis. It went viral. She posted the video on Twitter on September 10, 2020. It was reposted and praised by several celebrities including Gael Garcia Bernal and Sara Ramirez.
  10. She and her husband have two sons. They live in Moreno Valley, California.
  11. She is playing college soccer while raising her two children and pursuing a medical degree and a career in music.
  12. She is signed to Silent Giant Entertainment, which is based in California.
  13. Her favorite food is enfrijoladas.

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