Mark McCloskey warns Joe Biden, Kamala Harris voters, campaigns for Donald Trump

Mark T. McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia N. McCloskey, 61, have been indicted by a grand jury. After briefly appearing in court on October 6, 2020, the couple from St. Louis, Missouri, United States explained why Americans should reelect 45th U.S. president Donald Trump, 74, instead of voting for Joe Biden, 77, and Kamala Harris, 55.

Standing next to Patricia, Mark shared his political opinions while expressing his frustration over the fact that no charges were filed against the Black Lives Matter protesters who were outside their St. Louis house on June 28, 2020, who he referred to as trespassers. He said, “Everybody out there that’s thinking about voting for Joe Biden, the Harris-Biden administration, this is the sign of the times and things to come.”

Mark and Patricia made headlines when they stood outside their house along Portland Place, a private street in the Central West End of St. Louis, while pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters. The two are personal-injury lawyers running the McCloskey Law Center from their house.

“The government chooses to persecute us for doing no more than exercising our right to defend ourselves, our home, our property and our family and now we’re getting drug here time after time after time and for what?” KMOV quoted Mark as saying. “We didn’t fire a shot. People who were violently protesting in front of our house, screaming death threats and threats of rape and threats of arson (are safe). Nobody gets charged but we get charged.”

One of Mark and Patricia’s arguments state that they are protected by Missouri’s castle doctrine law and were just exercising their Second Amendment right to bear arms. He accused the government of choosing to protect criminals from honest citizens by not prosecuting trespassers.

For Mark, he and his wife had the gall to protect their home and family “against the mob.” He said, “Then you should all be very afraid of what’s coming down the road for us if we don’t reelect Donald Trump.”

In a pre-recorded speech to the Republican national convention on August 24, 2020, Mark and Patricia accused Democrats of protecting criminals. She said, “No matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America.”

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