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‘Lovecraft Country’ Season 2 spoilers: Will Jonathan Majors’ character return?

Lovecraft Country” is one of those television series in which it is possible for characters to come back after dying. The 10th and final episode of the first season of the TV adaptation of Matt Ruff‘s novel of the same name aired on HBO on October 18, 2020.

Directed by Nelson McCormick, “Lovecraft Country” Season 1 episode 10 is titled “Full Circle.” In the episode, Christina Braithwhite (Abbey Lee) murdered Atticus “Tic” Freeman (Jonathan Majors), a friend and family member of Diana Freeman (Jada Harris), and Ruby Baptiste (Wunmi Mosaku).

If Tic and Ruby return in “Lovecraft Country” Season 2, they will not be the first characters in the HBO to do so after being killed. In Season 1 episode 2 “Whitey’s on the Moon,” Letitia “Leti” Lewis (Jurnee Smollett) was fatally shot by Samuel Braithwhite (Tony Goldwyn) but she was resurrected in the same episode.

According to “Lovecraft Country” showrunner Misha Green, there is still no official confirmation whether or not the series is returning for a second season. She told Deadline that she envisions “a second season that carries on the spirit of Matt Ruff’s novel by continuing to reclaim the genre storytelling space that people of color have typically been left out of.”

When asked whether or not Majors is returning if there is a second season, Green said that with Atticus’s arc, she wanted to explore “the idea of a meaningful sacrifice.” She added that it was “an emotional jolt in the writing” to take Majors’ character “on a journey from running from death to walking towards it with purpose” and even more so with the heartbreaking levels the actor imbued in the portrayal.

Joining Lee, Majors, Smolett, Harris and Mosaku in the main cast were Aunjanue Ellis as Hippolyta Freeman, Courtney B. Vance as George Freeman, Jamie Chung as Ji-Ah and Michael K. Williams as Montrose Freeman. The recurring characters Williams, Dell/Hillary, Dora Freeman, Captain Seamus Lancaster and Tree were played by Jordan Patrick Smith, Jamie Neumann, Erica Tazel, Mac Brandt and Deron J. Powell, respectively.

“We’re in talks with HBO,” Green told RollingStone. “I just finished the finishing touches of Season 1 three weeks ago but I’m excited about exploring Season 2 and what we have in mind. Nothing’s official.”

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