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Complete list of Miss World Canada 2020 candidates

Miss World Canada 2019 Naomi Colford will crown her successor at the DC Music Toronto Rehearsal Studios Sound Stage and Event Space in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 7, 2020. Including her successor, five queens will be crowned, who will represent Canada in the 2021 editions of Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational and Miss Intercontinental.

A total of 44 women are competing for the five crowns. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Sophia de Guzman
  2. Jasmine Elahee
  3. Megan Jagersma
  4. Vanessa Kuziw
  5. Fiona Taco
  6. Mattea Henderson
  7. Tina Mariya
  8. Aastha Pandey
  9. Sandy Sekhon
  10. Ysabelle Tumaneng
  11. Sara Michelle Winter
  12. Mikaela Agawa
  13. Hayley Dofiles Bowdery
  14. Erin Claire Chapman
  15. Lara El Deriny
  16. Mikaila Emrich
  17. Melody Ghaderi
  18. Maria Giorlando
  19. Sania Heer
  20. Cierra Johnson
  21. Camille Keane
  22. Julia Lee
  23. Kaitlyn Li
  24. Sasha Lombardi
  25. Svetlana Mamaeva
  26. Yogita Manchanda
  27. Melina-Germana Mancini
  28. Keleigh McCall
  29. Simone Mohabir
  30. Tyshaine Page
  31. Laura Pastor
  32. Emilia Puric
  33. Aiona Santana
  34. Sabrina Verkest
  35. Nicole Ward
  36. Daelyn Yntema
  37. Olga Bykadorova
  38. Abril Closs
  39. Katherine Leblanc
  40. Julie MacInnes
  41. Laeticia Mwayuma
  42. Shalom Ogoh
  43. Natasha Tabuchi
  44. Alice Li


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