List of Bangkok Music City 2020 performers revealed

Bangkok Music City

Bangkok Music City has released its list of performers for its 2020 edition. Instead of its signature staging at creative district Chareonkrung, it will be livestreamed on November 28-29, 2020 for Thailand-based showcase talents at least from co-working hub Glowfish Sathorn.

“I think that the COVID-19 pandemic has paved the way for virtual music events, whether conferences, concerts, gigs or festivals,” Bangkok Music City co-founder Piyapong “Py” Muenprasertdee said. “Even though physical is still the best way to experience live music, virtual solutions help make things more cost-effective and efficient.”  

Muenprasertdee also hopes to “reinvite people who not only create business value but also long-lasting relationships and friendships with others.” Here is the list of Bangkok Music City 2020 performers from Asia: 

  1. FLEUR! (Indonesia)
  2. Leonardo Ringo (Indonesia)
  3. Euseng Seto (Malaysia)
  4. Kent Lee (Malaysia)
  5. M1LDL1FE (Singapore)
  6. She’s Only Sixteen (Philippines)
  7. Lions & Acrobats (Philippines)
  8. One Click Straight (Philippines)
  9. Bawal Clan (Philippines)
  10. Smow (Philippines)
  11. Zack Tabudlo (Philippines)   
  12. Normandie Gang Band (Japan)
  13. WEDANCE (South Korea)
  14. CADEJO (South Korea)
  15. Dabda (South Korea)
  16. Non-Confined Space (Taiwan)
  17. Shallow Levée (Taiwan)
  18. The Derelicts (India)


Some Bangkok Music City 2020 performers are also from other continents. Here is the list:   

  1. Ali Barter (Australia)
  2. Hayley Mary (Australia)
  3. Single by Sunday (Scotland)
  4. Browsing Collection (Sweden)
  5. The Bongo Club (Sweden)
  6. KÅRP (Sweden)
  7. YellowStraps (France)
  8. MSS FRNCE (France)
  9. The Rodeo (France)
  10. Pompeya (Russia)


Even more names from varying cultures and regions are set to be revealed in the coming days. The announcement follows BMC’s domestic lineup reveal.


November 28, 2020

  1. Alec Orachi, Daniel Ryn
  2. Newery
  4. H 3 F
  5. electric.neon.lamp
  7. LAAN
  8. Beagle Hug
  9. Vijit Tawan
  10. Maimhon
  11. The 10th Saturday
  12. Varis
  13. Diaries
  14. LingRom
  15. Makara
  16. Kunst
  17. Faustus
  18. Robbers Bliss
  19. Rattanakosin Breakin Crew


November 29, 2020

  1. My Life as Ali Thomas
  2. daynim
  3. Venn
  4. Summer Dress
  6. Supergoods
  7. S.O.L.E.
  8. Lukpeach
  9. Panpan Yeeyee
  10. Yew
  11. Zom Marie
  12. Cloud Behind
  13. HED
  14. The Kopycat
  16. La Nuit
  17. Grayray
  18. loserpop
  19. Quicksand Bed
  20. Hope the Flowers 


Billed as an entertainment and technology summit, BMC will also feature talks and sessions on music copyright, gaming and e-sports, artificial intelligence, music streaming, political communications and a sprawling array of related subject areas. Visit the festival’s website for more details and for tickets, go to Ticket Melon. 

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