VidCon Now launch speakers: Patrick Starr, Mr Kate, Wengie, Jeff Yuman


VidCon has launched VidCon Now, which will be co-produced by production partners Branded. For the first time, in December 2020, VidCon Asia will program local VidCon Now sessions featuring industry leaders and talent as an event of the Singapore Media Festival, hosted by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

The sessions will launch on December 3, 2020 with new VidCon Now Asia sessions programmed afterwards on a bi-weekly basis. Initial speakers for the launch event include leading creators Patrick Starr, Mr Kate, Wengie and Jeff Yuman and TikTok, iQiyi, IMDA and a special live appearance from will be featured.


The VidCon Now Asia launch will be a specially curated 3.5 hour virtual event focused on the current and future of online and community-led media in Asia. Viewers can look forward to insights from innovative online video platforms, top creators exploring how they have moved from pitching other products to building their own brands and turning them into big business, and learning about the future of influencers as the world’s first synthetic AI transhuman and her creators share how AI will change media and marketing forever.


VidCon Now Asia bi-weekly programming will be scheduled throughout 2021 across all three of VidCon’s established tracks, Community, Creator and Industry, presenting a mix of hands-on workshops helping creators and business build bigger audiences and drive more revenue, fireside chats and panels to help the media and creative industries understand the future of creator-first media and discussions of the key issues facing media and marketing as it transforms from linear to on-demand and always on all free of charge. Through a unique mix of top creators, emerging stars, industry leaders and insightful experts, the virtual experience will bring the best parts of VidCon to its Asian fans no matter where they are in the world.

Attendees can now view and register for programming at New programming, creators and speakers will be updated bi-weekly and available online in month long increments.

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