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Lukas Gage biography: 13 things about Hollywood actor from California

Lukas Gage is white actor from California, United States. He is of Irish, Swedish, and Asheknazi Jewish descent.

On November 20, 2020, Gage took to Twitter to share a video of an audition he did via Zoom. In the video, while he is fixing his hair, a director with a British accent says, “These poor people live in these tiny apartments like I’m looking at his, you know, background and he’s got his TV and his, you know.”

“You’re unmuted,” Gage replied. “I know it’s a shitty apartment. That’s why give me this job so I can get a better one.”

“Oh my God, I am so, so sorry,” the director apologized. Gage told the director, “Listen, I’m living in a four-by-four box.”

“It’s fine,” Gage continued. “Just give me the job and we’ll be fine.”

The video of the incident went viral and in the end, Gage did not pass the audition. He did not reveal the identity of the director, who turned out to be Tristram Shapeero.

It was Shapeero who revealed himself as the director Gage was talking to in the Zoom audition. The director explained his side through a Deadline article published on November 23, 2020.

Gage made his acting debut in 2012. Here are 13 more things about him:


  1. He was born on May 28, 1996 in San Diego, California. He is the youngest of four boys.
  2. As a child, he attended film camp every summer and acted in plays and commercials.
  3. He grew up in Encinitas, California. He attended San Dieguito Academy on 800 Santa Fe Drive in Encinitas.
  4. After a semester in the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, USA, he moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue an acting career.
  5. In 2012, he played Itamar Wexler in the short film “Elle’s Overcoat.”
  6. He played a therapy group member in “Enlightened” Season 2 episode 3 “Higher Power,” which aired on January 27, 2013. He met Luke Wilson on the set of the HBO show.
  7. In 2014, he appeared in two short films. He played Daniel in “Animals” and Big Dean’s server in “Satellite Beach,” which Wilson wrote and co-directed by Andrew Wilson. He also played a bit role in “I Didn’t Do It” Season 1 episode 15 “Ball or Nothing,” Skinner in “Kingdom” Season 1 episode 3 “Piece of Plastic” and Daniel in “The Millionaires” Season 1 episode 1 “Meet the McCoys,” which aired on August 24, 2014, October 22, 2014 and December 10, 2014, respectively.
  8. In 2015, he played Travis in “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.”
  9. In 2016, he played Lukas in “Sickhouse.” From 2016 to 2018, he played Brandon Darrow in “T@gged.”
  10. In 2017, he played Carter in the film “Sleep No More.” In the same year on the small screen, he played Adam Taylor in “Confess,” Cole Tyson in “Adam Ruins Everything” and Brandon Galloway in “American Vandal.”
  11. In 2018, he played the title character in the short film “Ace” and Eric in the action crime film “Assassination Nation,” which was written and directed by Sam Levinson. In the same year on the small screen, he played Brad on “On My Block” and Tiger on “Class of Lies.”
  12. In 2019, he played Dylan in “Wyrm” and Ricky in “Deadcon.” In the same year, his character Tyler appeared in four episodes of “Euphoria” Season 1. He also played Kevin Huggins in “Supergirl” Season 4 episode 11 “Blood Memory,” Cory in “Veronica Mars” Season 4 episode 3 “Keep Calm and Party On” and Logan in “Into the Dark” Season 2 episode 4 “Midnight Kiss,” which aired on January 27, 2019, July 19, 2019 and December 27, 2019, respectively.
  13. In 2020, he played Seth in “What Breaks the Ice” and “Max Reload and the Nether Blasters,” Jake in “Wireless,” Derek in “Love, Victor,” Billyumz in “Kappa Kappa Die” and Max Allen in “Angelyne.”

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