beauty pageant results

Miss Universe Ireland 2020 results: Fionnghuala O’Reilly crowns Nadia Sayers virtually

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Ireland
  • edition: 16th
  • date: December 21, 2020
  • finalists: 12
  • hosts: Brittany Mason, J. Scot Reid



Top 12Miss Universe Dublin 2020 Jordan Dwyer 
Miss Universe Kerry 2020 Tamara Goggin
Miss Universe Meath 2020 Michaela Boyle  
Miss Universe Offaly 2020 Abbii Badmus 
Miss Universe Waterford 2020 Katy Keogh 
Top 7Miss Universe Cork 2020 Leila Ecker, 19
Miss Universe Down 2020 Katharine Walker, 26
Miss Universe Galway 2020 Evelyn Harrington, 23
Miss Universe Midleton 2020 Aishat Onilogbo, 19
Top 3Miss Universe Derry 2020 Chloe Louise Davies, 24
Miss Universe Leinster 2020 Laura Nolan, 26
Miss Universe Ulster 2020 Nadia Sayers, 26



  1. Nicholas Lynch
  2. Lisa Nolan
  3. Rosalind Lipsett



  • Miss Photogenic: Jordan Dwyer
  • People’s Choice: Aishat Onilogbo
  • Miss Congeniality: Chloe Louise Davies


4th runner-upN/ASophie Bahl
3rd runner-upN/AKatie O’Donoghue
2nd runner-upN/ACiara Mulligan
1st runner-upN/AShona Tuohy
Miss Universe IrelandNadia Sayers
Fionnghuala O’Reilly

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