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Simi Valley’s Miya Ponsetto: I’m Puerto Rican, 22

Miya Taylor Ponsetto

Miya Taylor Ponsetto

Miya Taylor Ponsetto, 22, of Simi, Valley, California, United States is allegedly the woman dubbed the SoHo Karen or the Arlo Hotel Karen. She is accused of attacking African-American jazz musician Keyon Harrold, 40, and his son Keyon Harrold Jr., 14, at the Arlo SoHo Boutique Hotel on 231 Hudson Street in New York City, New York, USA on December 26, 2020.

When asked by a netizen about her nationality in 2019, Ponsetto said she was Italian, Puerto Rican, Greek and Vietnamese. Apparently, she was referring to her ethnicity.


On January 1, 2020, a New York Post photographer spotted Ponsetto walking out of a McDonald’s and into the parking lot in Filmore, California. The fast-food restaurant is near her mother’s house in Piru, California.

Ponsetto is expected to be arrested by the New York Police Department soon. The photographer asked her if she had any concerns about this.

“I’m actually 22 so I don’t know what the problem is here and I’m also Puerto Rican so thank you,” Ponsetto told the photographer. “Take care of yourself.”


On December 29, 2020, the SoHo Karen was interviewed by CNN. The publication confirmed that she is 22 years old but did not reveal her name.

“Of course, I worry,” the SoHo Karen told the publication. “That’s not who I am. I actually… try very hard to make sure that I am always doing the right thing.”

On February 28, 2020, the Beverly Hills Police Department arrested Ponsetto in Beverly Hills, California for being intoxicated in public after an incident at the Los Angeles International Airport. On September 1, 2020, the West Los Angeles California Highway Patrol arrested her for driving with a suspended license and failure to obey traffic lane.

Ponsetto reportedly used to work at Richard Mille in Beverly Hills. Richard Mille, 69, and Dominique Guenat, 68, founded the Swiss luxury watchmaking brand in 2001.

Mille’s son Alexandre Mille, who serves as the Richard Mille sales director, reportedly dated Ponsetto. In a recent interview Alexandre told Modern Luxury, “Richard Mille is about human connection above all else and that’s also the glue that holds the brand together.”

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  1. I don’t care who or what she is, things would have went badly for her had that been me and my son. You put your hands on my kid and I will respond in same and gladly deal with the consequences later.


  2. She jumped to conclusion and let her fear of loss and anger at whom she thought to be perpetrator take over .. no person has to answer to her .. she could have easily gone to hotel security and asked them to review footage and then call police if it seemed a crime had been committed .. common sense also dictates that the people being unjustly accused could also have diffused the situation by attempting to help even though they have no requirement to do so .. doesn’t seem either side handled this correctly .. just because you are right .. or have rights .. any person should always attempt to calm the situation down .. stand back .. take a deep breath .. and attempt to mutually get to bottom of whatever is going on .. too much “flying hot” going around .. calmly ask how you can help the upset person regardless of who is right or who is wrong .. breathe a little prayer, “Please guide me Lord Jesus” .. all you have to do is ask Him .. He is waiting to help .. but is often restrained by you .. God bless you .. Praise Him!!


    • John Metcalf I bet you are coming from a place of privilege and you are Caucasian. Here is the shame of all this…if she is Puerto Rican. She should be ashamed of herself and her family should be too. PR’s are Indigenous Indians, AFRICAN, and Spanish; which means she accused someone of her own ethnicity. Pendeja! She is not only lost, she is an embarrassment, and so your comment regarding it was the responsibility of the other to calm down this spoil entitled brat is exactly why we have so many reckless young people. No she doesn’t get a pass. The hotel staff should have been more clear with her and not supported her. They showed bias! Why is it that BIPOC have to always make others more comfortable after they lose their damn mind, act a damn fool, and show how bigoted and narrow minded they truly are, why because people like you want to sweep it under the proverbial rug. You are part of the problem. Read the book: White Fragility educate yourself, and then and only try to assist. This is exactly why we are in trouble a person can attack a child in broad daylight in front of his parent and still no sympathy for the child or that parent. Tell me do you think you would have let her slide if she tackled your child or a friend of your child’s to the ground while you were left in the charge of said child. Stop! She showed no regard and now you are too. Egregious! She Is Out Of Order!


      • John,

        If you saw the video, Mr. Harrold’s only logical response at the moment was to protect his son! A woman came out of no where and literally tackled him, attempting to drag him to the ground while yelling at them both.

        I agree with you that if one is projecting their anger onto you, being calm and attempting to distinguish the flames of anger is a great idea. Yet, it was clear in this situation that that is only possible AFTER projecting his son, himself and anyone else in his party.

        The Harrold family was NOT wrong in any way. They have no culpability in this scenario.

        She should face swift and stern consequences for assaulting a minor.


  3. The bigger question is why does media label culprits as white when in fact they are not. Observing this young woman’s appearance, it was clear she is latina. Simular description was afforded George Zimmernam, even though he was clearly central american. Perhaps, the intent is to facilitate division between people of color; thereby- reinforcing colorism in the U.S


    • “…why does media label culprits as white when in fact they are not.”

      Great question! You should first understand that being “Latinx,” is NOT a race. There are white, mestizo, black and Asian “Latinos.” Ethnicity and a culture.

      The young teen she attacked is ALSO Latino. His father is black, his mother is a Latina. He, therefore is Afro-Latino (He would have to self-identify).

      She may, think she is white. Many do. Former Mayor Antonio Villaregosa claims being white when he is indeed a dark-skinned Mexican and is more indigenous than European. I live in Los Angeles, A LOT of Latinos/Chicanos/Mexican-Americans identify as white when they have noses like Aztecs and skin the color of cafe con leche.

      George Zimmerman is a white-identifying Latino. And, many Latinos who are racist use being “Latino,” as evidence of their inability to be racist when indeed racism, color-ism and anti-blackness and surprising anti-indigenous is a very big part of their culture.


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