beauty pageant results

Miss Alabama USA 2021 results: Kelly Hutchinson crowns Alexandria Flanigan in Auburn

  • beauty pageant: Miss Alabama USA
  • edition: 66th
  • date: January 10, 2021
  • venue: Auburn Hotel Grand Ballroom, Auburn, Alabama, United States
  • number of candidates: 26






  • Miss Photogenic: Bayley Albinger (Auburn-Opelika)
  • Miss Congeniality: Samantha Huver (Northport)
  • People’s Choice: Emily Lites (Tuscaloosa)


TOP 16

  1. Alexis Pugh (Mobile)
  2. Alexandria Flanigan (Cullman)
  3. Anna Kathryn Schloss (Rocket City)
  4. Bayley Albinger (Auburn-Opelika)
  5. Brittany Harvell (Talladega)
  6. Conleigh Gilmore (Troy)
  7. Emily Lites (Tuscaloosa)
  8. Katelyn Vinson (Dothan)
  9. Katherine Hall (Shelby County)
  10. Katherine McIntyre (Montgomery)
  11. Kristen Furr (Capstone)
  12. MacKenzie Marable (Vestavia Hills)
  13. Margaret Anne McNeill (River Region)
  14. Megan Wetzel (North River)
  15. Samantha Huver (Northport)
  16. Savanah Lemon (Lake Tuscaloosa)


TOP 10

  1. Alexandria Flanigan (Cullman)
  2. Bayley Albinger (Auburn-Opelika)
  3. Brittany Harvell (Talladega)
  4. Emily Lites (Tuscaloosa)
  5. Katelyn Vinson (Dothan)
  6. Katherine McIntyre (Montgomery)
  7. Kristen Furr (Capstone)
  8. MacKenzie Marable (Vestavia Hills)
  9. Margaret Anne McNeill (River Region)
  10. Savanah Lemon (Lake Tuscaloosa)



4th runner-upBayley Albinger
(Mobile Bay)
Bayley Albinger 
3rd runner-upErin Snow
Katelyn Vinson 
2nd runner-upAlex Denning
Kristen Furr 
1st runner-up Kristen Furr
Katherine McIntyre 
MISS ALABAMA USA Kelly Hutchinson
Alexandria Flanigan

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