What happens when an animal injures you while working?

Insurance is one of the crucial things every employer looks for in a job. This is why every employee needs to be aware of their rights at any company. The more you’re aware of your right to workers’ compensation and claims, the better protection and coverage you will get in case something goes wrong.

By this, we mean all sorts of accidents, which can include unimaginable forms, such as animal injuries. Hence, if you want to know more about workers’ compensation benefits and how you can file a claim, you’ve come to the right place. 


Workers’ Compensation Explained

We’ll guide you step by step through the terminology you may not be familiar with. A worker’s compensation is simply the insurance you get for illnesses or injuries caused by work-related incidents. This includes disability benefits and death benefits. If a company doesn’t cover this up, you need to know the steps to file a workers’ compensation claim. Such compensation should cover medical expenses, ongoing-care costs, lost wages, and even funeral expenses. 


Types of accidents in a workplace 

When you think of workplace-related accidents, you’re most likely going to think of the following cases. Getting exposed to dangerous or toxic materials, getting injured in a construction site or when using heavy equipment, etc. Naturally, animals won’t be something that comes to mind. However, to everyone’s surprise, injuries resulting from animal attacks as well as insect bites are much more common than you have imagined. So, let’s delve a little into those employees who are susceptible to animal injuries.

Given that they’re always in direct contact with infected or dangerous animals, veterinary professionals are highly prone to animal attacks and contagious infections. Constructions and maintenance workers often deal with wild animals, such as squirrels, raccoons, rats, opossums, and birds. Let alone, insect nests that can cause serious bite infections. Delivery workers and health care personnel who work at homes are also subjected to possible animal attacks. Consequently, there are attorneys specialized in such cases of personal injury, and they’re easy to find in coastal states like Florida. Further, the personal injury lawyers at recommend that you always seek professionals to file workers’ compensation claims. So, if you’re an employee in any industry involving hazardous situations with animals, make sure that the company is providing you with convenient insurance. 


The process of filing a claim  

Now it’s time to guide you through the process and help you navigate the FAQs about what happens when you’re attacked by an animal while working. Firstly, you need to complete a workers’ compensation claim form provided by your employer. Without this form, you won’t be eligible to get the benefits you need to help you recuperate and return to work. Secondly, your employer has to submit your claim to the insurance company to approve or deny. 

Thirdly, your employer is obliged to provide you with the accommodations you need depending on the level of injury and how it affects the work you undertake. In addition, keep in mind that you can file an appeal or dispute the workers’ compensation benefits if the insurance carrier denies your claim. So, make sure that you check workers’ compensation cases so that you would know what you’re signing up for. 


What to avoid when filing a claim

The first step is to see a doctor and get your diagnosis and medical treatment as quickly as possible. The more you delay the medical care process, the more you risk getting your claim denied. Employers will seize any chance to make you seem as if you’re exaggerating the injury. Hence, another important point is to notify your employer immediately after the incident. This is because any delay in the process will undermine your position and the gravity of your claim.

Moreover, avoid undesignated healthcare providers as much as you can. In simpler words, comply with your employer’s provided compensation plan. This may require you to see certain healthcare providers- at least- at the beginning of your treatment. Finally, both your employer alongside your insurance provider will try to make you settle for reduced benefits. So, they will do their best to make you state that your injury is not serious and enter agreements that may negatively affect your insurance in the future. Therefore, once again, we stress how important it is to consult a trustworthy loyal. 

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be an overwhelming and hectic process. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give up your rights given to you by law. Having said that, you are also obliged to maintain integrity as much as your employer. So, make sure that your demands are convenient and reasonable. In return, if you’re logical about your claims, your file will be approved.

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