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Jaime Herrera Beutler biography: 13 things about Hispanic politician born in Glendale, California

Jaime Lynn Herrera Beutler is the first Hispanic politician to serve in the United States Congress from Washington. She is married to Daniel Beutler.

Daniel and Jaime have three children namely Abigail Beutler, Ethan Beutler and Isana Beutler. Here are 13 more things about Jaime:

  1. She was born in Glendale, California, United States to Mexican father Armando D. Herrera and English-Irish-Scottish-German mother Candice Marie Rough Herrera. She has two siblings. (a) (b)
  2. She was raised in Ridgefield, Clark County, Washington, USA where her father worked was a lithographer. (b)
  3. After being home-schooled through ninth grade, she graduated from Prairie High School in Brush Prairie, Clark County, Washington, USA where she played basketball. (b) (c)
  4. In 2004, she graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, King County, Washington where she earned her bachelor’s degree in communications. In the same year, she interned in the office of Washington state senator Joe Zarelli, who has known her since 1995. (b) (c)
  5. She became a Republican after leaving home. She is against abortion rights and extending legal partnerships to same-sex couples. (b)
  6. As a Republican, she served as a member of the Washington house of representatives from the 18th district from November 29, 2007 to January 3, 2011. (c)
  7. At the age of 31, she assumed office as a member of the U.S. house of representatives from the third district of Washington on January 3, 2011. (c)
  8. In 2013, she gave birth to Abigail, who was born prematurely and without kidneys. Since then, she has been pushing legislation to make child care more affordable. (d)
  9. In 2018, she was one of the few Republicans who voted against the renewal of the federal government’s warrantless surveillance program. (d)
  10. In December 2019, she voted against impeaching 45th U.S. president Donald Trump. (e)
  11. She was one of the 10 Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching Trump after the U.S. Capitol riot in Washington, D.C., USA on January 6, 2021. (f)
  12. While serving as a congresswoman from Washington, she lives in Battle Ground, Clark County with her husband and their three children. (c)
  13. On February 12, 2021, during the second impeachment trial of Trump, she revealed that California congressman Kevin McCarthy told her he spoke with Trump as rioters were storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. She said when McCarthy asked Trump to call off the riot, the 45th U.S. president replied, “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.” (d)



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  1. She also voted against ending Obama care with the other democrats, as well as voting to restrict President Trump’s abilities to fight insurrection.

    An avowed Trump hater, this fake Republican publicly refused to vote for Trump in 2016, instead writing in Paul Ryan.

    She was worthless in the Legislature, worthless in Congress, and has the common sense and of a box of rocks.

    This will be her final term in Congress or any other elective office.


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