Dami Im song ‘Lonely Cactus’ released; Korean-Australian singer influenced by Emily Sandé, James Arthur, Benee, Julia Michaels

Dami Im

Dami Im

Dami Im, 25, just released a new single titled “Lonely Cactus.” The song was written by Bri Clarke and Andrew Burford also known as One Above.

“While I was working on promoting my last single ‘Paper Dragon,’ I became obsessed with cacti,” Im shared. “I really wanted to write a song about a cactus and it started off as an idea about myself.”

“On one hand, I feel lonely and want to be around other people and on the other hand I quickly get annoyed and prickly around people and just want to be left alone,” the Korean-Australian singer-songwriter continued. “I took the idea to our writing session and we tweaked it to mean it’s about a friend rather than myself because everyone knows someone who is that way.”

While 2020 saw the world enter lockdown, it also saw Im release a handful of new singles which signaled where the artist is taking her career. Among them were “Kiss You Anyway,” “Crying Underwater,” “Marching On” and “Paper Dragon.”


For Im, she is not making a dramatic change to her music but she is steering it towards something that matches who she is as an artist now. She said, “I love music that puts emphasis on raw and textured vocals accompanied by production that has the right balance of polished sounds mixed with organic and imperfect instrumentals.”

“With ‘Lonely Cactus,’ I wanted it to have enough production to keep it fun and interesting but to be as minimalistic as possible and not overshadow the simplicity of the melody and the vocal textures,” Im continued. “Artists that have influenced me this way are Emily Sandé, James Arthur, Benee and Julia Michaels.”


In 2013, Im won “The X Factor Australia” Season 5 and signed with Sony Music Australia. Her second studio album titled “Dami Im” was released on November 15, 2013 and was followed by her third studio album titled “Heart Beats” on October 14, 2014.

In 2016, Im represented Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden with the song “Sound of Silence.” With 511 points, she was runner-up to Jamala of Ukraine earned 534 points.

“Sound of Silence” charted in 38 countries. Moreover, Im had four Top 10 albums on the ARIA chart and further hit singles with the likes of “Alive,” “Super Love” and “Gladiator.”

“After releasing my own music of originals on my ‘Heart Beats’ album, I made a couple of records of covers that my label wanted me to do,” Im explained. “2020 was a year I got to return to my original music again and these songs were a result of me finding the ability to create the type of music that I love and enjoy. Beginning with ‘Crying Underwater,’ I’ve been trying to explore and at the same time share with the listeners, who I really am as a person and as a singer-songwriter.”

In 2019, Im was the Women In Music Humanitarian Award winner. “Lonely Cactus” is a solid gold indicator of the direction she is currently taking.

In 2021, Im remains a trailblazer. She is a cultural icon, a shapeshifter and an artist that is completely in tune with her own pop self.

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