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Mount Kisco, New York’s Glenmore Nembhard arrested, accused of attacking Nancy Toh in White Plains

Glenmore Nembhard, 40, of Mount Kisco, Westchester County, New York, United States has been arrested. The Westchester County Office of the District Attorney charged him with second-degree assault with intent to cause physical injury to a person who is 65 years of age or older.

Nembhard is accused of spitting on Korean-American woman Nancy Toh, 83, in White Plains, New York. He also allegedly punched her in the nose so she hit the ground and “blacked out momentarily,” White Plains Police Department’s Captain James Spencer said in a statement obtained by NBC News.

Toh was collecting bottles and cans for money outside of Nordstrom at the Westchester Mall in White Plains at around 7:30 p.m. on March 9, 2021 when she was attacked by Nembhard. She told ABC7 New York that she was “bleeding lots from the brain, (which) looks like pumping out.”

“(For) an incident like this, we throw all our resources at it,” Spencer told the publication. “This was a very disturbing and serious incident that occurred in a safe city and it’s one that we won’t tolerate.”

On March 10, 2021, Toh reported the attack. White Plains mayor Tom Roach condemned the attack and described it as “an appalling and unprovoked incident.”

Police found Nembhard on March 11, 2021. The suspect, who was homeless at the time of his arrest, will appear in court on March 17, 2021.

It was not the first time Nembhard was arrested. On July 31, 2012, he was arrested on an outstanding bench warrant and accused of failing to show up to a justice court date and to respond to charges of trespassing and drinking in public, Patch reported.


In 1978, Mount Kisco became a town in its own right. As a village, it originally was half in the town of Bedford and half in the town of New Castle in Westchester County.

White Plains is the county seat of Westchester County. In 2014, the city ranked third in online real estate brokerage Movoto‘s list of the 10 best places to live in New York.

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