beauty pageant results

Miss Eco International 2021 results: Amy Nurtinie crowns Gizzelle Uys in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

  • beauty pageant: Miss Eco International
  • edition: 6th
  • venue: Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Nasrany, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt
  • date: April 4, 2021
  • host: Nancy Magdy





  • Best in Resort Wear
2nd runner-upGizzelle Uys (South Africa)
1st runner-upJuthamas Mekseree (Thailand)
WinnerSteffania Rodriguez (Venezuela)
  • Best in National Costume
2nd runner-upJuthamas Mekseree (Thailand)
1st runner-upYasmery Salceda (Panama)
WinnerKelley Day (Philippines)
  • Miss Eco Fitness
TOP 10Anissa Malagoue (Reunion)
Yasmery Salceda (Panama)
Vanessa Lapanita (Germany)
Kelley Day (Philippines) Alexandria Kelly (United States)
Zehra Naldemir (Belgium)
Mayuko Hanawa (Japan)
2nd runner-upGizzelle Uys (South Africa)
1st runner-upHanna Unzueta (Bolivia)
WINNERLauren Imseeh (Palestine)
  • Best in Evening Gown: Barbara Cabrera (Argentina)
  • Miss Eco Elegance: Dayanara Leonardo (Dominican Republic)
  • Miss Eco Top Model: Juthamas Mekseree (Thailand)
  • Best Eco DressShavinaa Balan (Malaysia)
  • Miss Eco VideoIntan Wisni Permatasari (Indonesia)


TOP 20

  1. Shavinaa Balan (Malaysia)
  2. Intan Wisni Permatasari (Indonesia)
  3. Alexandria Kelly (United States)
  4. Barbara Cabrera (Argentina)
  5. Gizzelle Uys (South Africa)
  6. Juthamas Mekseree (Thailand)
  7. Kristel Ruiz Freeman (Costa Rica)
  8. Kelley Day (Philippines)
  9. Yasmery Salceda (Panama)
  10. Lauren Imseeh (Palestine)
  11. Steffanía Alejandra Rodríguez Vivas (Venezuela)
  12. Susan Toledo (Ecuador)
  13. Lesly Reyna Salazar (Peru)
  14. Zehra Naldemir (Belgium)
  15. Harshita Bhambhani (India)
  16. Hanna Unzueta (Bolivia)
  17. Charlotte Sophie Brooke (United Kingdom)
  18. Jasmine Paguio (Canada)
  19. Anissa Malagouen (Reunion Island)
  20. Mayuko Hanawa (Japan)


TOP 10

  1. Juthamas Mekseree (Thailand)
  2. Gizzelle Uys (South Africa)
  3. Alexandria Kelly (United States)
  4. Kelley Day (Philippines)
  5. Steffanía Alejandra Rodríguez Vivas (Venezuela)
  6. Yasmery Salceda (Panama)
  7. Kristel Ruiz Freeman (Costa Rica)
  8. Susan Toledo (Ecuador)
  9. Zehra Naldemir (Belgium)
  10. Intan Wisni Permatasari (Indonesia)



  1. Alexandria Kelly (United States)
  2. Steffanía Alejandra Rodríguez Vivas (Venezuela)
  3. Kristel Ruiz Freeman (Costa Rica)
  4. Kelley Day (Philippines)
  5. Gizzelle Uys (South Africa)



  • Miss Eco Africa 2021: Hateefa Low Kom (Mauritius)
  • Miss Eco Europe 2021: Vanessa lapenita (Germany)
  • Miss Eco Asia 2021: Anushma Rayamajhi (Nepal)
  • Miss Eco North America 2021: Jasmine Paguio (Canada)
  • Miss Eco South America 2021: Hanna Unzueta Schlink (Bolivia)





4th runner-upAmy Nurtinie
Kristel Ruiz Freeman
(Costa Rica)
3rd runner-upDiana Voliakova
Steffania Rodriguez Vivas
2nd runner-upElizabeth Jordan
Alexandria Kelly
1st runner-upMaureen Montagne
Kelley Day
Miss Eco InternationalRashia Suheyn Cipriani Noriega
(Peru) *dethroned
Amy Nurtinie
(Malaysia) *assumed
Gizzelle Uys
(South Africa)

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