Sharon Williams accused of yelling anti-Asian slurs at Chinatown nail salon in New York City

Sharon Williams, 50, was recently arrested in New York City, New York, United States by the New York City Police Department. The African-American woman was initially charged with harassment related to a hate crime, aggravated harassment based on race or religion and criminal trespass.

It was not revealed whether Williams is a transient or a New York City resident. At around 5:00 p.m. on April 6, 2021, she went to Good Choice for Nails, a nail salon on Madison Street near James Street near Chinatown in New York City.

“You brought coronavirus to this country!” Williams allegedly screamed then physically threatened people inside the salon. When she went outside, she was questioned by a female plainclothes NYPD officer, who is Asian.

Williams then called the cop a monkey. When the cop arrested her, she said told her, “You’re a Chinese motherf—-r who brought COVID to this country!”

“The next person you target may be a plainclothes New York City police officer so think twice,” the New York Daily News quoted NYPD commissioner Dermot Shea as saying. “We will never tolerate hate or violence of any kind in our great city.”

The New York County District Attorney’s office ended up charging Williams with one count of second-degree aggravated harassment, which is a misdemeanor, CNN has learned. Because of the charge, she was not eligible for bail.

A second-degree aggravated harassment charge means the defendant has intent to harass, annoy or threaten another person based on a belief and perception regarding such person’s race, color, national origin or other identity markers. It has yet to be confirmed whether or not Williams has pled guilty.


New York City is the most densely populated major city in the U.S. The city’s 109th and incumbent mayor Bill de Blasio, 59, is of Italian, German, English, French, and Scots-Irish descent and is married to African-American activist Chirlane McCray, 66.

“If you see someone being attacked, do whatever you can,” Associated Press quoted de Blasio as saying in March 2021. “Make noise, call out what’s happening, go and try and help. Immediately call for help. Call 911.”

“This is something where we all have to be part of the solution,” the New York City mayor continued. “We can’t just stand back and watch a heinous act happening.”

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