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Darian Jarrott biography: 13 things about New Mexico cop Omar Felix Cueva shot

Darian Rey Jarrott was a police officer from New Mexico, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He was born in Silver City, Grant County, New Mexico to John R. Jarrott and Gloria Tarango Jarrott. (a) (b)
  2. He was raised in Lordsburg, Hidalgo County, New Mexico. (a)
  3. He enjoyed hunting and playing video games. (b)
  4. He attended Lordsburg High School where he played football. In 2010, he graduated as a salutatorian of his class. (c)
  5. He earned his bachelor’s degree in administration of justice from Western New Mexico University in Silver City. (b)
  6. His uncle David Tarango is a New Mexico State Police officer. (a)
  7. Before becoming a certified law enforcement officer in 2014, he worked as a detention officer then an inspector with the Department of Motor Transportation and worked with the Department of Public Safety. (b)
  8. In July 2015, he joined the New Mexico State Police. (d)
  9. His best friend and best man Marco Valle is also a police officer. His squad leader in the police academy was Roxxanne Guerrero. (e)
  10. He and his wife Gabriella D. Jarrott have three children. She was pregnant when he died. (a) (d)
  11. On February 4, 2021, while on duty, he was fatally shot by Omar Felix Cueva, who had agreed to surrender a rifle during a traffic stop on Insterstate 10 in Luna County, New Mexico. (f)
  12. He died at the age of 28. (a)
  13. Around 200 police officers attended his funeral at the Lordsburg High School football field on February 12, 2021. Also present was his cousin Luther Mata who said, “(It) never seems fair to have someone taken away so early. You just think about his smile. You think about his attitude. (It) never leaves you.” That day, he was laid to rest at the Shakespeare Cemetery in Lordsburg. (b) (c) (e)


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