Pontiac, Quebec’s William Amos is in great shape: Claude DeBellefeuille

William Amos, 46, of Pontiac, Quebec, Canada received a compliment amid an embarrassing situation. He apparently appeared with no clothes on during a video conference with his colleagues on April 14, 2021.

One of the people who made a comment was Claude DeBellefeuille, 57, of Salaberry-Suroit, Quebec. While giving a reminder to her colleagues, she praised Amos’s physique.

DeBellefeuille and Amos are members of the Canadian Parliament. She represents Salaberry-Suroit while he represents Pontiac.

“It may be necessary to remind the members, especially the male ones, that a tie and jacket are obligatory, but so are a shirt, boxer shorts or pants,” DeBellefeuille said in French, which the New York Daily News translated in English. “We have seen that the member is in great physical shape, but I think members should be reminded to be careful and control the camera well.”

Amos took to Twitter to apologize for his nakedness. He explained that he went for a jog that day and while he was changing into work clothes, standing between flags of Canada and Quebec, he was not aware that the camera was on.


Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Amos is a member of the Liberal Party. He and his wife Regina Amos have two children.

In 2004, William earned his bachelor’s degrees in common law and civil law from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He earned honours undergraduate degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada and his master’s degree in political science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2007, William started working as a part-time professor in the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada, where he teaches common law. He has been a member of the Canadian Parliament since October 2015.

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