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Sumter, South Carolina’s John Walter Miles: Black lives don’t matter

John Walter Miles (©Sumter Police Department)
John Walter Miles (©Sumter Police Department)

John Walter Miles, 27, of Sumter, South Carolina, United States has been arrested by the Sumter Police Department. He was charged with aggravated breach of peace and trespassing.

Shortly after 10:00 p.m. on April 9, 2021, Miles and his girlfriend went to a Food Lion grocery store in Sumter. When the clerk refused to sell them alcohol, he got mad, refused to leave the store and called the clerk a racial slur.

While under the influence of alcohol, Miles was caught on camera swearing at other people in the store. At one point, he said something against the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Guess what, all lives f***ing matter,” Miles said. “Black lives don’t f***ing matter.”

Afterwards, Miles pointed to the person recording his rant. He said, “Black Lives Matter is the most racist f***ing thing we’ve ever f***ing seen.”

“All lives matter,” the Sumter resident continued. “All lives f***ing matter. That’s how it is.”

It appears that Miles really wanted to emphasize his views on Black Lives Matter. He said, “What about goddamn brown lives matter?”

“What about white lives matter?” Miles continued. “How about everybody else? Guess what, all you black f***s are goddamn racist motherf***ers.”

According to Miles, he “has a goddamn black kid in goddamn Georgia.” He added, “I’m not a racist motherf***er.”


Moreover, Miles allegedly called the employees the N word. An African-American police officer responded to the scene and made contact with him.

The Sumter resident allegedly confirmed to the officer that he did say the N word and continued saying it again. The officer escorted the intoxicated man to his car and the latter left with with his girlfriend and her mother.

On April 16, 2021, Miles turned himself in to police. He was booked at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center.

Miles was was a drill sergeant leader at the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Association. He is no longer in the U,S, Army, Leslie Ann Sully, a media relations officer at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, told Newsweek.

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