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Find similar images using the reverse search technique

Reverse image search is the technique used to search by using images instead of keywords. The searcher can enter images in the search bar instead of adding text to find similar images.

Through reverse image searching, searchers can find the same images, get images that are visually similar but have a different shape or size, detect image plagiarism and find out about the origin of the image. It is used by people who want to unravel fake accounts on social media, find details about objects on an image, identify people, places and every other thing on an image and get recipes by using image search tools.

The concept of reverse searching on images was first introduced by the TinEye and was developed and launched by Google in the late 1990s. Today, many reverse image search engines and website tools can be utilized to find similar images from the web.



The image search tool by is one out of the hundreds of tools offered by the site. Searching by images is very easy and free with this image search tool.

Using this tool is easy. First, open on your browser then enter images/keywords/image URL in the tool, and click on the Search Similar Images button. 



SmallSeoTools is another reliable website that offers tons of utilities. Its reverse photo lookup is free and easy to use and it can help searchers find similar images from three different search engines.



The reverse image search tool by Duplichecker is also among the most interesting tools that you can find online. This image search tool is one of the best tools for finding similar images and considered the perfect option for finding image plagiarism.

If you think that someone might be stealing images from your website, then the best way to find out is by simply using Duplichecker. This image search tool is free to use and you can search for as many images as you want without any trouble.

This is a cloud-based image search tool. You can use it on any device you want as long as you have a web connection on it. 

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