Derek Chauvin trial jury has 6 white, 4 black, 2 multiracial members

Derek Chauvin (©Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)

Derek Chauvin (©Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office)

The selection of the jury members for the trial of Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd was finalized on March 23, 2021. The panel has 12 jurors and two alternates.

Out of the 12 jurors, six are white, four are African-American and two are multiracial. The two alternates are white.

On March 29, 2021, the trial opened in the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, Untied States.  Prosecuting attorney Jerry Blackwell showed the jurors the footage of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds outside Cup Foods on Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020.

George Floyd

George Floyd

Representing Chauvin, Eric Nelson argued that Chauvin did exactly what he had been trained to do over his 19-year career as a Minneapolis Police Department officer. He used his strikes against prospective jurors who wanted police reform and believed his client was responsible for Floyd’s death while prosecutors used their strikes to dismiss those who were very supportive of police, according to BuzzFeed News.

The selected members of the jury and the alternates are anonymous. However, here are some information on them, which have been gathered by The Star Tribune and International Business Times:




Juror 2 (white male)

  • in his 20s
  • engaged
  • from Minneapolis
  • chemist
  • considers himself a pretty logical person
  • relies on facts and logic and what is in front of him
  • considers opinion and facts as important distinctions
  • has not seen the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest
  • has a generally favorable view of the Black Lives Matter movement but thinks all lives matter equally
  • believes that the Blue Lives Matter message among police advocates is an unnecessary counter viewpoint


Juror 118 (white female)

  • in her 20s
  • newlywed
  • social worker in Wright County, Minnesota whose clients are coping with mental health difficulties
  • confident that she could judge only the evidence presented in the trial
  • asserts her profession has provided her with the ability to be empathetic and keep an open mind about people


Juror 19 (white male)

  • in his 30s
  • auditor
  • served in a jury in 2015 and was dismissed as an alternate
  • had a somewhat negative view of Chauvin after seeing at least portions of the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest
  • wants to examine the evidence from a viewpoint of the law before deciding whether or not Chauvin is guilty


Juror 92 (white female)

  • in her 40s
  • lives in the suburbs
  • works in the insurance industry
  • has viewed the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest
  • asserts that the the $27 million civil settlement of the city of Minneapolis with Floyd’s family would not be stop her from being fair and objective a
  • does not think Floyd was completely innocent
  • does not believe Floyd deserved to die
  • believes police’s use excessive force is unnecessary
  • believes the police unfairly treats people of other races
  • has generally positive views of police
  • opposes defunding the police


Juror 44 (white female)

  • in her 50s
  • single mother
  • works as a high-level executive in the nonprofit sector focused on healthcare
  • had a somewhat negative view of Chauvin after watching the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest
  • believes that not all police are bad but officers with bad behavior need to go
  • acknowledged sympathy for Floyd, Chauvin and Chauvin’s colleagues Tou ThaoThomas Kiernan Lane and J Alexander Kueng


Juror 55 (white female)

  • in her 50s
  • lives outside Minneapolis
  • executive assistant in a clinical health care setting
  • could not watch the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest in full because it was too disturbing to her
  • thinks that Chauvin is innocent until proven otherwise
  • believes that she is in a position to uphold the law but not in a position to change the law


Juror 89 (white female)

  • in her 50s
  • nurse
  • resuscitates patients in urgent situations and dispenses opiates while on the job
  • lives in Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota
  • has seen portions of the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest
  • wants to judge the evidence fairly but her professional training would affect how she would look at the evidence
  • believes that people use life experiences to make judgments


Juror 96 (white female)

  • in her 50s
  • worked in customer service
  • loves animals especially dogs
  • has seen the video of Floyd’s arrest
  • believes that Chauvin’s restraint was ultimately responsible for Floyd’s death
  • could presume Chauvin innocent as the law requires her to do
  • believes the criminal justice system works most of the time




Juror 27 (black male)

  • in his 30s
  • married
  • immigrated to the U.S. in 2006 and went to school in Nebraska
  • moved to Minnesota in 2012
  • works in information technology
  • speaks multiple languages including French
  • believes in people’s right to protest but realizes that protests shut down and damage businesses, making his wife unable to make it to work


Juror 52 (black male)

  • Brandon Rene Mitchell
  • in his 30s
  • works in banking
  • coaches youth sports
  • does not think Chauvin had any intention of harming anybody after watching the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest but somebody did die
  • believes that discrimination exists well beyond what the news media reports
  • attended an event in Washington, D.C., USA on August 28, 2020, commemorating the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” 


Juror 79 (black male)

  • in his 40s
  • manager
  • received help from the police when he was a victim of home burglary in the past
  • believes minorities are often arrested
  • disagrees with the concept of defunding the police
  • believes that the police do a lot so he would trust the police


Juror 91 (black female)

  • in her 60s
  • grandmother
  • retired marketing professional
  • volunteers helping children in need with their homework
  • watched the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest but stopped after 4-5 minutes because it just was not something that she needed to see
  • has not formed opinions about either Chauvin or Floyd
  • asserts that the $27 million civil settlement of the city of Minneapolis with Floyd’s family would not affect her commitment to be objective
  • asserts that she is black and her life matters




Juror 9 (multiracial female)

  • in her 20s
  • originally from northern Minnesota
  • niece of a police officer in Brainerd, Crow Wing County, Minnesota
  • had a somewhat negative impression of Chauvin after viewing the video of Floyd’s fatal arrest
  • sees racial disparity in the justice system
  • agrees somewhat that Minneapolis police officers sometimes use too much force against African-American suspects
  • considers herself a go-with-the-flow person who can be open minded about the evidence


Juror 85 (multiracial female)

  • in her 40s
  • organizational consultant who helps corporations improve personnel practices and efficiency
  • married
  • has a son
  • spends a lot of time at ice hockey arenas
  • believes police are human and can make mistakes
  • does not think a lot people would choose to have addiction as part of their life
  • does not think the $27 million civil settlement of the city of Minneapolis with Floyd’s family declares guilt one way or the other

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  1. Chauvin killed George Floyd in front of GOD and the world. There would not have been any questions of guilt if the tables were turned. There is no excuse for what happened. There were more than enough police officers there to get one man in a car. The camera does not lie. The man was hand cuffed.


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