Queens, New York’s Isaac Okoli, family file $600 million notice of claim against NYPD, Dermot Shea, Joseph Kenny

A $600 million notice of claim was filed against the New York Police Department by Isaac N. Okoli, 63, his wife Millycent Atuegwu, 46, and their four children Victoria Okoli, 20, Gabriel Okoli, 16, Samuel Okoli, 14, and Perfection Okoli, 10, on May 6, 2021 in Queens Supreme Court. Originally from Nigeria, Isaac lives in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York City, New York, United States with his family.

It was the second notice of claim filed by the Okolis. Also named as defendants were the NYPD’s assistant chief Joseph Kenny and police commissioner Dermot Shea, who talked about “frivolous lawsuits” and said “not a penny” should be paid out as a settlement during a television interview on April 14, 2021 without mentioning the Okoli family.


At around 6:00 a.m. on December 12, 2017, NYPD officer Timothy Terrillion, sergeant Thomas Gagiardi, detectives Shawn Hayes and Lawrence Avvenire and 10 other cops executed a no-knock search warrant in Far Rockaway. The one who applied for the warrant was Avvenire, who has already retired.

The NYPD cops were looking a cocaine seller, then 30, whose address was less than 100 feet away from the Okolis’ residence. Isaac was asleep while Atuegru was doing stretching exercises in bed and their children were getting ready for school when the cops burst through their door with a battering ram.

The Okolis’ address was on the search warrant. However, the address of a nearby building was listed in the affidavit seeking approval for the warrant.

Victoria was allegedly ordered into the living room at gunpoint. One of the cops allegedly rushed Samuel into the living room while Perfection would not stop crying so another cop berated her, according to Isaac.

Apparently, the NYPD cops thought Gabriel was the target of the raid, according to the family lawyer Rehan Nazrali. The lawyer told the New York Daily News, “If this had gone the wrong way, with a prosecution, a family of six would have been devastated and it would have left a horrible mark on the children and it would have ruined many, many lives, unreasonably, unnecessarily and terribly.”

Moreover, the NYPD cops allegedly claimed they found a vial of cocaine in the master bedroom. According to Isaac, the cops planted it there.


On April 15, 2021, Kenny said the NYPD hit two apartments on December 12, 2017. He said the NYPD cops were looking for a Chase Gang associate selling drugs out of the Okolis’ apartment, who according to Nazrali, was Willie Anderson, 41.

“There was no mistake made,” the New York Daily News quoted Kenny as saying. “We were absolutely 100 percent in the right spot.”

On the contrary, Nazrali told the publication that no one knows Anderson and drugs were not being sold of out the Okolis’ residence. The lawyer added that the NYPD was “just adding to the coverup.”

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