Nottingham, England’s Carl Booth: BRAVE CF changed a lot of fighters’ lives

Carl Booth (©BRAVE Combat Federation)
Carl Booth (©BRAVE Combat Federation)

Carl “The Bomber” Booth, 31, of Nottingham, England reminisced about the time he was scouted by BRAVE Combat Federation. He is one of the European mixed martial artists currently signed with the Bahrain-based MMA promotion.

“BRAVE CF changed a lot of fighters’ lives,” Booth shared. “In my own experience, I know a lot of fighters back home now have an interest in BRAVE CF and want to be part of it. The high-level guys who are dominating other shows, these guys are now showing interest to be part of BRAVE CF.”

When Booth made his BRAVE CF debut on December 2, 2016, he knocked out Gadzhimusa “Deadshot” Gaziev, 28, of Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia. In the Nottingham native’s most recent fight, which was on April 1, 2021, he knocked out Carlos Belloso, 28, of San Jose, Costa Rica.

According to Booth, fighting overseas was not new to him because he has done it before a few times. He said, “I wasn’t aware of how big it was.”

“I showed up at its second event and I’ve seen how much investment has gone into it and the team that was working behind the scenes,” Booth continued. “I was like, ‘These guys are professionals. These guys know what they’re doing.’ I was super happy to be part of it and I was 100 percent in from the very beginning.”

Flattered by BRAVE CF’s world-class treatment, Booth knew from the onset that the promotion was destined to make it big in the growing MMA market. As he predicted, the promotion bolstered its profile internationally, extending its reach by staging 48 more live events in 20 different countries, six of which are in Europe namely Northern Ireland, England, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden and Russia.

“When I arrived, it was only their second show but it was really, really good,” Booth shared. “They have high-level fighters, and the whole promotion was super organized and professional.”

In line with its strategy of building talents from the grassroots level, BRAVE CF took advantage of venturing into untapped European markets like Slovenia and Romania. In association with Rukh Sport Management, the Bahrain-based MMA promotion will hold “BRAVE CF 51: The Future is Here” at the Falcon Club Arena in Minsk, Belarus on June 4, 2021.

“Definitely, they are going to make a big splash,” Booth said of BRAVE CF. “They want to dominate the European market. I can’t blame them because the continent has some of the best fighters in the world. It’s now an open playing field.”

Booth believes that BRAVE CF will push the boundaries further in the years to come. He pointed out, “The company is growing and it has held 50 shows.”

“Now, it’s known internationally,” Booth continued. “All over the world, people are talking about their fighters. I do agree that BRAVE CF is one of the most popular promotions in the world today. They’re going to grow some more.”

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