The international looks set to take eSports to new heights once again

eSports is an area that is really on the rise right now. According to Newzoo, it will generate revenues of around $1,084 million this year.

There always seems to be so much activity in the sector, with tournaments based on a range of games emerging all the time. However, it could be argued that some titles are fundamental to the scene, as they have seemingly been around since the industry first started on its path to global domination.

The likes of CS: GO and League of Legends can probably be regarded in this way, while Dota 2 almost certainly has to be.


An eSports classic

Dota 2 was originally released back in 2013 and it has gone on to become a massive part of modern competitive video gaming. Many eSports fans watch events based around the game and this was highlighted by research released at the end of last year. According to AFK Gaming, the study by Esports Charts found that Dota 2 was the eSports title with the highest audience engagement on Twitch in the third quarter of 2020.

The game has also become a key name in the offshoot betting scene that has emerged in relation to eSports in recent years. For example, Rivalry offers Dota 2 betting odds along with information on other top games including CS: GO, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. The Dota 2 betting options also feature a number of markets in individual matches, so fans can bet on the winner of specific maps and the team to score the most kills. The fact that there is now another way to interact with the game clearly demonstrates this high audience engagement in a new and interesting way.


The International 10

But while Dota 2 clearly has a major reputation already, the excitement around the game may well go up a level in the coming weeks. It was recently confirmed that the game’s biggest tournament – and probably the most high-profile event in eSports – is returning once again.

A statement published on the official Dota 2 website in the middle of May confirmed that The International 10 is set to be held in August. Expected to take place in Stockholm, the competition will begin on August 5th with an initial Group Stage, while the Main Event will follow shortly afterward. In addition, the Grand Finals are scheduled for August 15th, when the best Dota 2 sides will battle to secure glory and be named champions.

And what glory it will be. After all, the competition is set to feature a jaw-dropping prize pool worth more than $40 million. The Dota 2 site added that more details about the event will emerge in due course, including the potential options for attendance and seeing the action in person.


ONE Esports Dota 2 Indonesia Invitational

Staggering figures

The International has always been a major date in the eSports calendar, but the news of this year’s prize pool means the upcoming event will be hugely anticipated. Many different competitions are held in relation to Dota 2, including the ONE Esports Dota 2 Indonesia Invitational. However, few come close to reaching the prize pool heights of The International.

The event dominates eSports Earnings’ list of the largest prize pools, featuring in six positions across the top ten. This year’s prize pool will be a significant increase on the one featured in The International 2019, where teams competed for a share of just over $34 million. According to eSports Earnings, the winning side OG took home $15.6 million for finishing first, while Team Liquid secured $4.4 million for coming second. Third-placed PSG.LGD won $3 million, while Team Secret received $2 million for reaching the fourth position.

With the 2021 pool being above the $40 million mark, all eyes will be on how the organizers go about splitting the fortune between the highly skilled competitors involved.


Big money, big pressure

The eSports world has enjoyed a fascinating few years and titles like Dota 2 have played a key part as it has gone from strength to strength. A huge number of fans will be excited about The International and it will be amazing to see the best Dota 2 players battle it out for a share of the incredible prize pool.

With such a massive amount of money at stake, the pressure will surely be on the top teams that are taking part.

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