Boca Raton, Florida’s Mohammad Akib Faiyaz arrested after boy, 2, shot himself in Port St. Lucie


Mohammad Akib Faiyaz, 21, of Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida, United States has been arrested by the Port St. Lucie Police Department. He was charged with culpable negligence and carrying a weapon without a license. 

In the first week of June 2021, Faiyaz met a woman on a social media dating app. They met in person for the first time on June 11, 2021 and in the evening, she invited him over to her apartment at the Evergreen Condominium complex in Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County, Florida where she lives with her son, 2.

Faiyaz left his gun unsecured near a coffee table and couch in the living room so the woman told him to get it out of her home but he did not do it. Shortly after she left the room, her son picked up the gun and shot himself in the head.


According to the Port St. Lucie Police Department, Faiyaz drove off after dropping off the woman and her son at the St. Lucie Medical Center in Port St. Lucie. The boy was later transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County.

The names of the boy and his mother were not released. He is currently awake and will start his therapy soon although his prognosis is not clear, CBS 12 has learned.

On the afternoon of June 21, 2021, the U.S. Marshals Task Force and the Port St. Lucie Police Department detectives arrested Faiyaz in Palm Beach County. His gun has yet to be recovered.

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