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Redecorating a school classroom? Pay attention to these vital elements

The environment where one works or studies plays a significant role in the emotional wellbeing and productivity of the individual. Considering that children spend a great part of their day in a classroom to learn, decorating it appropriately is fundamental to support them. You may think that there is not much to decorate a school classroom and it only requires a few chairs and desks; however, this is not to be farther from the truth. 

Decorating a school requires some thought and creativity, but it is essential that the students are at the heart of the decor. You may want to decorate the classroom with the class so that they can fully contribute to their environment. This way, you will also take into consideration individual needs, as everyone may require different things, but you can adjust so that there is a balance.

This article will advise you of what vital elements to pay attention to when redecorating a school classroom so that you achieve the best outcome for the children. 


Promote safety

One of the main things to take into consideration when redecorating a school classroom is the safety of the students. Every school should carefully consider how it promotes the health and safety of its pupils so that they can learn. Schools are the environment where children spend most of their daily time and feeling unsafe can lead to poor academic outcomes and even displays of anti-social behavior.

Every school will have to strictly follow health and safety policies that promote the physical and emotional well being of the children. This covers a range of aspects, including how the environment is physically decorated. If the school premises and learning area is clean and adequately equipped, it will increase pupils’ chances of learning and they will also behave in a more positive manner.

Make sure to invest in good quality furniture that is durable and of high quality, so that students feel they can spend their time all day whilst feeling safe. This will make a significant difference in how well they absorb anything you teach them. 


Allow for engagement

You can have the perfect curriculum and students and the appropriate furniture, however they may still not feel engaged. Lack of engagement from students will act as a barrier when it comes to their learning and they will not absorb as much information. Empirical research has suggested that there is a very small percentage of older students that report feeling engaged in the classroom.

When you think about redecorating a classroom, thinking about how this will keep students engaged is essential. A big mistake that many educators make is to decorate the classroom walls with a lot of artwork and other displays. This gives the classroom a messy and cluttered look and acts as a distraction to many pupils, particularly those who suffer with behavioral and concentration problems.

It is recommended you keep the walls as free of clutter as possible and only display what is absolutely necessary, such as visual aids like maps, diagrams, motivational posters or even some of the students’ work. Make sure to not display any information about the individuals such as their grades or progress. The paint on the walls is also important as it should be of a neutral color, rather than having different colors all over the room. 


Provide comfort.

You may not think much about comfort when it comes to decorating classrooms, however, this is something that needs to be taken into consideration. It is fundamental that students feel comfortable and at ease in their place of learning, otherwise they may not learn properly. You must remember that children spend long hours in a classroom all day, feeling uncomfortable will only cause them to feel tired and disengaged.

Feeling safe will automatically bring the children a sense of comfort, but there is more to this. The major aspect to consider when wanting to provide comfort in the classroom is the type of furniture you invest in for the pupils. It is recommended you look at this school furniture supplier to learn more about educational furniture and what is suitable for different areas of the school. The way you decorate the classroom should not be the same way you decorate social areas or the playground – therefore, educating yourself on what is fundamental. 


Inspire connectedness

A positive learning environment will promote children’s connectedness to their environment, their teachers and each other. Feeling connected will enable students to feel more relaxed and increase their engagement. Their social skills will also develop in a more positive way as they engage well with their fellow students and feel more comfortable to ask the teachers questions when they are unsure of something. It may seem difficult to achieve this through decoration alone, but there are a few things that can be done.

Arranging the seating area in a way that everyone can feel equal and engaged with the learning and the whole classroom is a good example of increasing connectedness through decoration. One of the main things you can do is to personalize the classroom environment so that it is suitable to the students’ needs. It will be difficult to provide a good environment for every pupil, considering that everyone has different learning styles. However, including them in the decor process of their learning environment will allow them to have a say in this and it will help them feel included and connected.

At the start of each year, ask students what they would like their classroom to look like, to help them feel like they belong and try to come to a compromise between each other so that everyone is happy. You can always review this throughout the year and make changes as necessary. 

There is more to it than meets the eye when redecorating a classroom, and there are specific things that you will have to think about. Make sure to consider the vital elements discussed on this page when redecorating a school classroom so that you provide your students with the best learning environment that will only benefit their education. 

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