3 post-pandemic businesses you can start right now

The global pandemic has become part of our daily lives. Many expected it to be a short-term blip but it has become the new normal.

However, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has also brought with it new business opportunities as people adapt to a new normal. Its impact has been a learning experience for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Social distancing and remote work have forced entrepreneurs to get creative to meet consumers new and evolving needs.


1. Handmade products

The coronavirus pandemic showed us the resilience of online businesses. As many brick and mortar businesses closed down, online stores thrived. Also, communities started to support local and small businesses. You can build a following on social media and turn your passion into a thriving business.

You can start selling on sites like Etsy and Amazon Marketplace. As Etsy CEO said “anyone with creativity can open a shop on Etsy.” If you’re good at jewelry design, woodworking, or knitting, you can make good money–as long as you target the right niche.


2. Virtual workout classes and personal training

Covid-19 showed us how important it is to maintain our physical health. When you’re physically healthy, you boost your immune system. In 2020, many people had to find creative solutions to stay physically active, and digital personal training sessions and virtual workout classes became very popular.

If you’re passionate about fitness or have a background in physical education, exercise science, kinesiology, or nutrition, you can offer virtual classes and one-on-one sessions to people who love working out from home. Many workout enthusiasts have been watching pre-recorded fitness videos and live-streamed classes, so there’s a lot of demand. To reach different audiences–like those beginning their fitness journeys and fitness buffs–offer a variety of classes. 

In case you don’t have the equipment you need to start a fitness outfit, you can get a small loan. Simply search for “title loan places near me” or “gym equipment financing.” Some of the top financiers in the US, like SBA, offer this type of financing.


3. Pet products and services

One positive effect of the lockdowns that were enforced as COVID-19 raged on was the increase in pet adoptions. As people stayed home more, they wanted companions and adopted dogs, cats, birds and more. Animal shelters saw a 700 percent increase in adoptions in 2020 compared to 2019.


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