Top 3 in-demand skills in 2021

In 2020, the economic landscape was abruptly disrupted and people found new hobbies. Development across many industries also skyrocketed. A lot changed in terms of how we do business and how we interact.

Technology steadily grew, and people embraced the new way of doing things. Practices such as remote working and remote shopping became the norm and are expected to continue in the future.

If you are in the job market, it is important to have the right skills. Here are the top skills employers are looking for in 2021:


1. Artificial Intelligence

Human intelligence simulation in machines was science fiction until Artificial intelligence (AI) happened. Today, AI is one of the greatest technological milestones of the 21st century. AI has become so popular it’s expected to impact the future of work and life.

AI technology is used in various fields, including computing, customer service, manufacturing, healthcare, and gaming. AI can help lenders and credit-rating institutions assess consumers’ behaviors and confirm their ability to repay loans. It can study internet search patterns to determine how people look for loans–like by typing how do title loans work?

AI programmers earn $75,000 a year on average, and the pay can go up to six figures. The demand for AI continues to grow, and AI experts can expect even better pay in the coming years.


2. Data science

Data is the world’s most valuable resource today and that is why data scientists remain highly valuable. Data science means preparing data for analysis, which involves cleansing, aggregating and manipulating the data, to perform advanced data analysis.

Data science allows companies to understand data from multiple sources, gain valuable insights and make smart data-driven decisions. It is widely used in different industry domains like healthcare, marketing, finance, and policy work.

Information about people’s daily activities is becoming more precious than a diamond and organizations that control this information have a lot of power. A recent Netflix documentary dubbed “The Social Dilemma” looked at how social media giants like Facebook handle personal data. Discussions revolved around how this information is used to run other businesses.

The good thing is such discussions are now becoming public. People can now see how their data is used and even grant or deny access to it. The work of data scientists is to ensure that the information is used to benefit all parties. 


3. Social and communication skills

Social and communication skills are vital in any profession. Just like tech skills, soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, active listening and empathy, are highly valued by employers.

Effective communication builds relationships between employees on a professional and social level. It prevents them from feeling isolated, builds teamwork and creates a more collaborative atmosphere in the office.

Social skills are also becoming increasingly important because organizations now have more service-oriented positions. Employees with high social skills can work with others more efficiently. Strong social skills facilitate interpersonal interactions, leading to effective job outcomes.

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