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10 most beautiful Miss Polski 2021 candidates

Miss Polski 2020 Anna Maria Jaromin, 23, of Katowice, Silesia, Poland will crown her successor at the Strzelecki Park Amphitheater in Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland on August 22, 2021. It will be the 32nd edition of the Polish national beauty pageant that currently holds Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Supranational franchises.

Miss Polski 2019 Magdalena Kasiborska, 21, of Zabrze, Silesia crowned Jaromin on January 17, 2021. Jaromin was supposed to represent Poland at Miss Supranational 2021 on August 21, 2021 but she was later replaced by Miss Polski 2020 first runner-up Natalia Balicka, 22, of Poznan, Poland.

Currently, Poland has one Miss Supranational crown and three Miss International crowns. The European country has yet to win a Miss Universe title.

A total of 24 women are competing for the Miss Polski 2021 title. If facial beauty is the only criterion, these will be my Top 10 candidates:


#10. Angelika Krzymien, 24, Sosnowca


#9. Sabrina Olkowicz, 26, Bylic


#8. Sara Marut, 18, Rybnika


#7. Natalia Brzozowska, 22, Augustów


#6. Agata Wdowiak, 24, Łodzi


#5. Agnieszka Szuszkiewicz, 19, Drawska Pomorskiego


#4. Dominika Dada, 23, Sadkowa


#3. Pamela Bielawska, 21, Złoty Stok


#2. Kathrin Januszewska, 18, Gródka


#1. Justyna Kokoszka, 18, Suchej Beskidzkiej

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