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Venezuela’s Gabriel Arjona-Molina tries to steal $1.5 million plane from Hilo International Airport

Gabriel Arjona-Molina (©Hawai'i County Police Department)
Gabriel Arjona-Molina (©Hawai’i County Police Department)

Gabriel Arjona-Molina, 24, of Venezuela has been arrested by the Hawai’i County Police Department. He was charged with first-degree criminal trespassing, first-degree attempted theft, first-degree criminal property damage and unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle.

In July 2021, Arjona-Molina went to Hawaii, USA. On August 27, 2021, he drove to the Hilo International Airport in Hilo, Hawaii and when the vehicle he was driving crashed through the fence at the airport, a witness flagged down a South Hilo patrol officer.

Arjona-Molina parked next to a fixed-winged single engine aircraft, exited the vehicle and tried to manually spin the aircraft’s propeller. He then approached a Beechcraft King Air C90A aircraft parked on the ramp.

Through the pull-down hatch, Arjona-Molina gained access to the aircraft, which is worth approximately $1.5 million. He entered the cockpit where he was able to start both engines before exiting the plane and shortly thereafter, he was arrested and transported to the police station in Hilo.

On August 30, 3021, Arjona-Molina made his initial court appearance. He is being held at the Hawaii Community Correctional Facility in Hilo and his bail was set at $37,000.


Founded in 1932, Beechcraft is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, USA. It is a brand of Textron Aviation since 2014. 

Produced by Beechcraft, the Beechcraft King Air is a line of utility aircraft introduced on September 9, 1964. A total of 235 C90As has been built by 1992, the last year the model was in production.  

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