beauty pageant results

Miss Belarus 2021 results: Anastasia Lavrinchuk crowns Daria Goncharevich in Minsk


  • beauty pageant: Miss Belarus
  • edition: 12th
  • date: September 10, 2021
  • venue: Minsk Sports Palace, Minsk, Belarus
  • number of candidates: 29





  • Miss Photogenic: Maria Chechko (Minsk)
  • Miss Friendship: Ekaterina Laibis (Gomel)
  • Miss Top Model: Daria Shibko (Minsk)
  • People’s Choice: Anastasia Machulskaya (Mogliev)



Maria Perviy
Miss International Belarus
2nd runner-upAnastasia Lavrinchuk
N/AAlexandra Popok
1st runner-up
(Miss Supranational Belarus)
Margarita Martynova
Karolina Borisevich
(Grodno) *appointed
Yulia Mishchenko
(Miss World Belarus)
Maria Vasilevich
Anastasia Lavrinchuk
(Minsk) *appointed
Daria Goncharevich

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