Paul J. Carter biography: 13 things about Watervliet, New York resident from Australia


Paul J. Carter is an Australian man who lives in New York, United States. He was dubbed the Casanova Conman after being accused of using fake dating profiles, posing as a multi-millionaire developer and fleecing lovers of millions of dollars by wooing them into turning over to him control of their financial assets.

One of Carter’s alleged victims is Sarah Quattrocelli‘s mother. He was also accused of leaving his mother Gianna Carter homeless.

Paul has four children. Here are 13 more things about him:

Paul J. Carter
Paul J. Carter
  1. He was born Paul Cristallo. He later went by the name Paul Hamilton. (a)(b)(c)(d)
  2. He is an Australian citizen residing in Watervliet, Albany County, New York. (c)
  3. He previously worked as a tradesman in Melbourne, Australia. He also became the director of his mother’s business. He allegedly conned the business to enrich himself while leaving his mother financially stricken and out on the streets with nothing. (b)
  4. In the late 1980s, he married his first wife Elise Ryan. After 10 years of marriage, he left her and their three children. One year after leaving Ryan, he married his second wife, who she also left after one year of marriage. (b)
  5. In 2002, he was arrested in Australia for growing 12 marijuana plants and received a conditional discharge
  6. In 2003, he married Australian multi-millionaire Brooklin Carter, daughter of Parklea owner Andrew Facey. He and Brooklin have one son together. During their marriage, he allegedly fleeced Facey of about $2 million and spent the money on sports cars and luxury homes in Australia and the US. (b)
  7. In 2014, he started living in the U.S. with Brooklin after he obtained an E-2 visa, which admit certain foreign nationals who have invested a substantial amount of money in a U.S. business. He initially lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In the same year, he flew back to Melbourne to propose to another woman. He convinced his fiancée that his wife died of brain cancer. When the fiancée found out his wife was alive and well in the U.S., he allegedly hired a hitman to kill the fiancée. (a)(b)(c)
  8. In 2018, his and Brooklin’s visas were set to expire so they traveled to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to apply for their second E-2 visas. They allegedly took advantage of an immigration law loophole to buy themselves two more years of legal status in the U.S. until May 2020. He also allegedly lied about using other names and about his criminal history when he applied for a U.S. visa. (a)(d)
  9. In August 2019, he and Brooklin divorced. The divorce was handled by Kelly Hamilton, a lawyer based in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York. Later that year, he married Hamilton. (a)(b)
  10. On April 7, 2021, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents arrested him at his Watervliet home for making false statements on a visa application in 2018. (d)
  11. He was ordered detained pending a detention hearing scheduled for April 9, 2021. That day, he was released to house arrest and fitted with a global positioning system (GPS) ankle bracelet. (d) 
  12. On September 15, 2021, he pleaded guilty to making false statements in a visa application in 2018. (c)
  13. He was 55 years old when he pleaded guilty to visa fraud on September 15, 2021. (c)



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  1. i have all or many of his recent crimes and he is currently facing deportation being held in batavia, new york immigration and customs field call centre. 7168042379


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