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Michael Jordan’s son Jeffrey Jordan assaulted Scottsdale, Arizona hospital staff?


Jeffrey Michael Jordan, 32, of Portland, Oregon, United States was recently arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. He was charged with one count of aggravated assault on a healthcare professional.

On September 24, 2021, Jordan slipped and hit the back of his head on a table at Casa Amigos, a cocktail bar and Mexican restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale in Scottsdale, according to the Scottsdale Police Department. Police officers, who were already there for a different incident, helped him out of the restaurant.

Jeffrey Michael Jordan (©Scottsdale Police Department)
Jeffrey Michael Jordan (©Scottsdale Police Department)

Paramedics arrived and took Jordan to a hospital in Scottsdale. While being treated at the hospital, he allegedly assaulted an attending healthcare worker.

On September 25, 2021, Jordan was released from the hospital. He was taken to Scottsdale City Jail but he was released after almost one hour.


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jordan is the oldest among the three children of Michael Jordan, 58, and Juanita Vanoy, 62. Michael and Vanoy’s two other children are Marcus Jordan, 30, and Jasmine Jordan, 28.

Jeffrey is 6’1″ tall while Marcus is 6’3″ tall. Their father stands 6’6″.

Neither Jeffrey nor Marcus joined the National Basketball Association. Their father played for the Chicago Bulls from 1984 to 1993 and from 1995 to 1998 and for the Washington Wizards from 2001 to 2003.


After graduating from Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, Jeffrey played basketball at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois and the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, USA. After college, he entered Nike, Inc.’s management training program in Portland.

In 2020, Jeffrey co-founded the consultant group Jordan Avakian Group, which is based in Chicago. While living in Portland with his wife Radina Aneva, 36, he heads Jordan Brand‘s digital innovation department.

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