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Complete list of Miss World Canada 2021 candidates


Miss World Canada 2020 Svetlana Mamaeva, 22, of Maple, Ontario, Canada will crown her successor Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts in Richmond Hill, York Region, Ontario on October 3, 2021. It is the 62nd edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Canada’s Miss World, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Earth candidates.

Canada has yet to win Miss World. The country currently has one Miss Earth crown, which was won by Jessica Trisko in 2007.


Mamaeva was crowned Miss World Canada 2020 on November 7, 2020. Her runners-up are Miss Grand International Canada 2020 Sara Michelle Winter, Miss Supranational Canada 2020 Sasha Lombardi, Miss Intercontinental Canada 2020 Kaitlyn Li and Miss Earth Canada 2020 Laura Pastor.

There are 50 women competing for the Miss World Canada 2021 title and four other titles. Here is the list of candidates:


  1. Rachel Arhin
  2. Aluong Agok
  3. Menka Prasad
  4. Kiana Anderson
  5. Alexa Peters
  6. Rileigh Smith
  7. Kanishya Kanheswaran
  8. Johanna Coutinho


  1. Jaime VandenBerg
  2. Neemy
  3. Kayla Miller
  4. Mildred Rincon
  5. Keleigh McCall
  6. Gianna Llanes
  7. Brittany P
  8. Jasleen Kang


  1. Simran Sohal
  2. Arishya Aggarwal
  3. Heena Shah
  4. Shirley Yu
  5. Jessica Jago
  6. Jessica Bails
  7. Vaani Moudgil
  8. Anna Naumov


  1. Rosie Abigail Smith
  2. Ishani Patel
  3. Patricia Andrews
  4. Taylor Robertson
  5. Emily Marston
  6. Gurmehakmeet R.
  7. Emily Hope Muwanguzi
  8. Sarah Jacobs


  1. Jessica Cianchino
  2. Renuka Rai
  3. Ashton Wesley
  4. Maria Matheus
  5. Karen Salazar
  6. Aleria McKay
  7. Madison Kvaltin
  8. Sophia Su

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