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Cassie Laundrie biography: 13 things about Brian Laundrie’s sister from North Port, Florida


Cassandra M. “Cassie” Laundrie Luycx is a white woman from Florida, United States. She is married to James “Jimmy” Luycx.

Cassie and Jimmy have two sons together. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She, her husband and their two sons live in North Port, Florida. (a)(b)
  2. She is Christopher “Chris” Laundrie and Roberta Maria Vinci Laundrie‘s daughter. (c)(d)(e)(f)(g)
  3. She is the sister of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito‘s boyfriend Brian Laundrie. Originally from Blue Point, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, USA, Petito is the daughter of Joseph “Joe” Petito and Nichole Schmidt. (c)(d)(e)(f)(g)
  4. Aside from North Port, she has lived in other parts of Florida including Ellenton. (b)
  5. She has lived in different parts of New York including Sayville and Bayport. She also previously lived in Hanahan, South Carolina, USA and in Houston, Texas, USA. (b)
  6. In May 2011, her husband started working for Pinch A Penny, Inc. as a pool repair specialist. (a)
  7. On July 6, 2020, Brian took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with one of her sons. The location he tagged was T. Mabry Carlton, Jr. Memorial Reserve, also known as the Carlton Reserve, in Sarasota County, Florida. (h)
  8. On July 15, 2020, Brian took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with one of her sons. (h)
  9. On July 2, 2021, Brian and Gabby left from Blue Point for their cross-country camping trip. They visited multiple areas in Utah, USA and shared postcards with her. On September 1, 2021, Brian went back to North Port alone and stopped by her home. He stayed in Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County, Florida with their parents from September 1-3, 2021 and from September 6-8, 2021, according to a tip Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman received on September 27, 2021. She also stayed at the campground for a day on September 6, 2021, according to their family’s lawyer Steven Bertolino. (c)(d)(e)(f)(g)
  10. Gabby was reported missing on September 11, 2021 and Brian was named a person of interest in the investigation on September 15, 2021. On September 16, 2021, she said in an interview with “Good Morning America,” “Obviously, me and my family want Gabby to be found safe. She’s like a sister and my children love her and all I want is for her to come home safe and found and this to be just a big misunderstanding.” Her statement was criticized by Gabby’s father that day. (c)(d)(e)(f)(g)(i)(j)
  11. She was 32 years old when Brian was reported missing by their parents on September 17, 2021. On September 19, 2021, Gabby was found deceased at the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area in the Bridger-Teton National Forest on the east boundary of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, USA. In a “Dr. Phil” episode aired on September 20, 2021, Gabby’s father apologized to her for criticizing her statement on September 16, 2021. Also on September 20, 2021, she shared postcards Brian and Gabby sent her during their cross-country camping trip from July 2021 to August 2021. (c)(e)(h)(i)(j)
  12. On October 4, 2021, Bertolino said he does not represent her. On the same day, she told a group of protesters, “I’m in the boat where I’m getting ignored by my family and thrown under the bus by my family’s attorney.” (k)(l)
  13. On October 5, 2021, she was interviewed on “Good Morning America” and said, “I would tell my brother to just come forward and get us out of this horrible mess.” (m)

(This is a developing story. More details will be added.)




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