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How to find the most affordable dining room furniture sets


Are you in the market for a new dining room set? Whether you need new dining room furniture for your new home, remodeled dining area, or just as an update to your existing home’s furnishings and décor, you don’t want to spend more than you have to.

There are a lot of ways that you can save while getting the furniture you love most. Here are some of the best ways to find affordable dining room furniture sets.


Keep an eye out for sale events and retail holidays.

Whether you shop online or at your local furniture store, you’ll be sure to find occasional sale events and retail holidays for dining room furniture savings. Almost all furniture stores, both local and online, honor certain American retail holidays. 

Some of these are national holidays that are universally utilized for sale events by much of the retail industry. These include Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, President’s Day weekend, and others depending on the region. Furniture retailers also take advantage of holidays created by and for retailers. These include back to school sales, as well as the Black Friday trifecta – Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.


Look for clearance sales and departments.

Of course, you can’t always wait for a sale event to replace your dining set, so you might also want to look at clearance sales and departments.

Another thing that online and brick and mortar furniture stores have in common is the clearance sale or clearance catalog section. In-store shopping trends tend to dictate that furniture stores offer clearance sales in January and July when new furniture collections are about to hit the market. Furniture retailers only have so much space, so as they look to bring in newer furniture designs they will be discounting the previous season’s offerings in clearance sales to empty their warehouses and showrooms.

Online furniture stores may also offer sales during the same seasons, but they also offer clearance sections in their online catalogs to give you more affordable options. These clearance sections often remain active much longer than local furniture store clearance offerings, because online retailers typically have access to larger warehouses.


Check dining room furniture websites and order online.

If you are looking for a truly affordable furniture shopping experience, ordering online gives you a lot of advantages. Your local furniture store is almost certain to charge for delivery. Although the furniture won’t be placed in your home, you can order from online stores and often get free delivery right to your doorstep.

Another way to get affordable dining room furniture sets is to look for furnishings that closely match your favorite furniture designers but in other less expensive collections. You can easily browse the web to find your favorite style or design, then shop online for a more affordable option of the same type. No one will ever know that you saved by purchasing a different brand or collection.

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