Tier One Entertainment signs investment deal with KAYAC, Warner Music Group, announces Japan expansion


Tier One Entertainment announced its first foray outside the region by expanding its footprint to Japan. The expansion is part of the gaming and esports entertainment pioneer’s strategic move when it signed an investment deal with its Japan-based internet firm KAYAC and Warner Music Group, a global media company that has a strong market presence in Japan.

Founded in 2017, Tier One Entertainment is a Singapore-registered entity. It is is currently operational in the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan.

“Japan is a country with a long history both in gaming and innovation in multimedia,” Tier One Entertainment co-founder and chief executive officer Tryke Gutierrez said. “With over 57 percent of its population being gamers, there’s a big opportunity for us to grow our brand. Tier One is bringing our brand of entertainment to the Japanese gaming industry. Our goal is to gather a core team and build an initial roster of content creators that will elevate esports and video games in Japan in ways the country has never experienced before.”

“Japan has always been my second home and is a country that’s really close to my heart,” Gutierrez continued. “As gaming, esports, anime and toys become more and more part of a gamer’s day-to-day life, I truly believe that Tier One has to set foot in Tokyo, the mecca of geek culture. This is an exciting time for us and we can’t wait to see what we can do in Japan and the esports and gaming space there for the years to come.”


Housing more than 1000 talents, Tier One Entertainment is one of the largest gaming and esports entertainment companies in Southeast Asia. It aims to revolutionize the esports landscape in Asia by developing truly talented, top-caliber personalities and connecting them to brands and the gaming audience.

“We are thrilled that Tier One Entertainment is bringing the enormous momentum of the SEA gaming scene to Japan as its first foray outside its territory,” KAYAC CEO Daisuke Yanasawa said. “Our collaboration will allow us to forge unique kinds of gaming entertainment to audiences in Japan and other key markets in Asia.”


Along with its plans to discover the hottest up-and-coming local talents to sign and develop, Tier One Entertainment is debuting its first idol group in Japan to delight Japanese and global fans. Unofficially called Project 4, the group will have four multi-talented individuals set to redefine what it means to be an influencer and content creator who challenges the status quo.

As a new breed of Tier One talents, the group will elevate the level of content creation to new heights, delighting fans across the globe. On October 8, 2021, Gutierrez announced multi-talented model and cosplayer Harry “har_fie” Field as the first member while the rest of the members will be revealed in a series of promotions.

With Tier One Entertainment strategically positioned at the intersection of content creation, media properties and esports, the launch of the new idol group comes along with its vision of bringing gaming to the mainstream. The gaming and esports company also looks to find those who are willing to join its mission in bringing esports and gaming to the mainstream as it opens its office in Japan this year.

“Through Tier One I was able to further share my passion for video games,” Tier One Entertainment co-founder Alodia Gosiengfiao said. “Now with our Japan expansion, I get to work closely with another one of my great loves: Japanese culture. Not only are we signing new talents for the Japanese market but we’re also going to debut our idol group, which will be Tier One’s greatest expression of cutting-edge style to date. That makes me very excited.”

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